Oolong issues

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Oolong issues

Postby Robert Marotz » Nov 17th, '05, 07:11

Many of the oolong teas offered through Adagio are simply given numerical designations. I have become accustomed to tea types by their Chinese names, though I can generally back-translate if I see an English name given (e.g. Frozen Summit -> Dong Ding).

I'm a fan of Dong Ding as well as Bai Hao (Dong Fang Mei Ren/Oriental Beauty) oolong teas, and have struggled to find good sources for them over the internet. I've ordered a bunch of samples from Adagio to try out, but it would be sorta nice to see something in the way of designations beyond just numbers or "Formosa Oolong".

Perhaps it's a pain in the butt, but would be nice for those of us who know those teas by a name and not a number...
Robert Marotz

Postby chris » Nov 17th, '05, 15:12

LadyA's correct -- the # is directly related to the percentage which the oolong was oxidized (the higher the # the darker the oolong). Plus, it follows the musical theme we're going for (the actual titles printed an the tins are "Oolong Symphony #40," etc.).

They do all have other Chinese names, but none of our Mandarin is up to par enough to give them a poetic translation.

In related news, I just bought a book on tape to help improve my Mandarin. I still don't understand the symbols, though.

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Postby Robert Marotz » Nov 17th, '05, 16:22

Sorry about the anonymity, but thanks for the clarification on the numerical designations.

I suppose since I don't have an email posted here or anything yet, it would not be feasible...but if you have access to the original chinese names, I would be happy to volunteer some time and effort in translation and such (translation--particularly poetry--is a hobby of mine).

If ever interested, just post so and I could provide contact information or whatever. I don't know how keen Adagio is on illiciting volunteer services like this but I'd be happy to help.
Robert Marotz

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