Sugar shots

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Sugar shots

Postby Teatime » Nov 18th, '05, 15:46

Has anyone tried the Sugar Shots? Does it taste sweeter than sugar cubes or the same? How much do you use?



Postby teaspoon » Nov 19th, '05, 00:46

It's WONDERFUL!!! All you need to use is a teaspoon of Sugar Shots per sugar cube that you would otherwise use. MUCH easier. You don't have to sit there and stir for ages, and it sweetens the tea evenly. Trust me on this one.

~teaspoon (of sugar)

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Postby Teatime » Nov 19th, '05, 10:43

Thank you so much, teaspoon! I'm going to include that in my next order!



Postby PeteVu » Nov 19th, '05, 14:42

... you could just disolve sugar into some heated water.

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Postby teaspoon » Nov 19th, '05, 16:27

Ah, yes, we surely could... but people like us will pay good money for convenience...

Besides, I am more certain of ants staying out of my sealed Sugar Shots bottle than I would be of them staying out of a not-so-airtight sugar bowl. Anytime I use tupperware, I end up spilling stuff when I open it, and ziploc bags have been known to get holes.


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Sugar Shots

Postby Lana Y » Nov 20th, '05, 11:44

You convinced me...I order both sugar shots for the first time yesterday.....

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