Thursday's TeaDay 5/01/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Please take a look at the 5 main categories of TeaChat, which is your favorite category?

Teas and Teaware
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Thursday's TeaDay 5/01/08

Postby Chip » May 1st, '08, 02:32

May 1st!!!!! New teas are everywhere...

Yesterday, responders indicated a preference for Stainless Plug-In and Stove Top Whistlers for boiling their tea water. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Welcome all TeaChatters to TeaDay. Brew some tea and come share what is in your cup today...all day!!! Be sure to check out what everyone else is drinking as well. Remember, you can also reflect back on your TeaDay as well.

A strange curiousity brought on by a quiet passing of Teaware by TeaDay as the top posted forum on TeaChat. What is your favorite "category" of TeaChat...and then what is your favorite "forum" within that category. And why?

FYI, there are 5 categories to TeaChat. Each category has individual forums. So, for example, you could choose "Welcome" as the category and "TeaDay" as the forum. So, what is your favorite(s)? And don't forget why!

I am anxious to see what your favorite forum on TeaChat is...and what is in your cup.
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Postby PolyhymnianMuse » May 1st, '08, 02:47

I spend most of my time on Teachat reading either the green tea forum or the pu-erh forum under Tea & Teaware. However, I do try to read all the posts, or at the very least keep all threads "read" :lol:
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Postby chamekke » May 1st, '08, 02:48

What a nifty idea for a poll!

I voted for Teas and Teawares. It's the place where I can discover new things about tea from knowledgeable people, and share what I've managed to learn so far.

Plus, the Show off Your Pots and Cups! thread has the best tea p0rn ever ... lovingly shot photographs of gorgeous (and often outrageously priced) tea utensils. Yowza.

In my cup... some late-night Adagio coconut tea. A comfort drink for bedtime!
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Postby tenuki » May 1st, '08, 03:01

It's all about the tea.
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Postby omegapd » May 1st, '08, 03:23

Tea and Teaware also. Since I like Black teas the best, I always enjoy reading the posts there but it seems slow of late. I read just about everything that pops up "new" though in all the forums.

Adagio's Gen Mai Cha in my work mug this morning...

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Postby ThinkingOutLoud » May 1st, '08, 06:27

I had to represent for TeaDay and vote for Welcome. This is the first, and sometimes only, place I get to on TeaChat each day, just to check in and see what everyone is up to. While I learn more about tea and teaware, etc. elsewhere, I had to vote for Welcome: TeaDay since this is the one place I reliably visit.

Irish Breakfast this morning, but this should be an unusually exciting tea day for me as I got a fresh batch of Adagio samples yesterday: white peony, oriental spice, spiced green, spring darjeeling, gunpowder, and the so exciting sprinkled up birthday tea freebie. What to try first ....
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Postby Ron Gilmour » May 1st, '08, 08:53

I guess I'd vote for the welcome category, since I probably spend more time looking at TeaDay than any of the other lists. I have been spending quite a bit of time on the pu-erh list due to the puerhshop tasting.

Speaking of which, I'm currently drinking 2006 Arbor Yinhao Tuocha.
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Postby Victoria » May 1st, '08, 09:38

Welcome is my favorite because of TeaDay.

This is a "Chat Board" but the only real tea chat is happening here on TeaDay.
I've learned a lot more about oolongs here than I have on the Oolong Forum, which is a very quiet place.

In my cup today - China Black

Have a nice day everyone!
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Postby auggy » May 1st, '08, 09:51

I chose Tea & Teawares because 1-lots of good information and 2-pretty pictures.

Darjeeling #22 in my cup this morning. The idea of having a black tea in the morning is still something I like, but I think I'm going to have to switch to flavored blacks. The non-flavored are just too acidic tasting or something.
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Postby BonBon » May 1st, '08, 10:24

tenuki wrote:It's all about the tea.

Hear, hear!

I spend most of my time on the green tea forum, but like to read up on pu-erh and white tea, too. I tend to stay away from the black forums for the most part, though. :P

Today is some Adagio Song Yang. Trying to experiment with whites lately.
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Postby TimeforTea » May 1st, '08, 10:29

Although teas and teaware is the place to learn a lot, I voted for Welcome. Without Welcome, teachat would not be the friendly community it is. TeaDay is the best of both worlds: a friendly community in which you can learn a lot as well.

In my cup this morning: Lu An Gua Pian (Emerald Petals Green Tea). I got this one for free as part of my Enjoying Tea is a very enjoyable tea!
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Postby fencerdenoctum » May 1st, '08, 10:39

It was really hard not to pick Tea & Teaware, but I must say welcome has my vote. I really do love Teaday and the Delightful community it has brought to the forum.

The check is in the mail, right Chip?

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,
-Seigi no tame
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Postby TimeforTea » May 1st, '08, 10:41

fencerdenoctum wrote:The check is in the mail, right Chip?

Hey, wait a sec! Chip's sending you $?! I'm only getting tea. (crosses arms and sulks). :( I wanna revote!

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Postby witches brew » May 1st, '08, 10:54

This was hard to answer. Tea and Teaware is my favorite section, especially all the luscious teaware. But so is Welcome, with the fun of posting in TeaDay. Decisions, decisions...but the lure of teaware p0rn is irresistible.

Not so irresistible is my tea this morning. It's sakura sencha and I badly over-steeped it. Or can it be that the freshness of a May morning is far sweeter than any sencha?
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Postby Salsero » May 1st, '08, 11:19

I had to pick Tea and Teaware. I congratulate Chip on the genius of TeaDay: it brings a number of us together and breathes life into the forum. Having said that, however, I feel that TeaDay does more to cement social relations than to deepen my knowledge. It's a place to sort of shake hands and ask about the family. If I want to know which tea to buy, how to brew something new to me, or other question, I go to the IM or Tea and Teaware forum.

In my cup, Zhen Qu, a China Black from the Panyang Region of Fujian.
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