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TeaMap coordinators

Postby ilya » Aug 9th, '05, 14:24


At this time, we only have about a dozen or so TeaMap coordinators, and none for Mississippi. If you would like to be our coordinator for that state, please send me a Private Message. The only think we ask you is to keep us abreast of new/closed tearooms, events, or anything tea-related happening in your area.

And as you can see, for the states that have coordninators, you get your own page on TeaMap


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Postby chris » Aug 11th, '05, 14:17

I think we got her hooked, Ilya.

Reel her in quick!

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Postby rubyslipperlady » Nov 9th, '05, 16:55

How do you all prefer to make the Adagio Oriental Spice Chai? Do you add anything to it while or after brewed before enjoying the cup?


Postby clear_energy » Nov 9th, '05, 19:08

I love chai, the stronger the better. Ginger rules! :)

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tea concentrates

Postby koj42 » Nov 10th, '05, 12:12

i am looking for tea concentrate gift set for my mom, any ideas who may carry this product? looking for a Christmas gift.


Buy at asian grocery stores

Postby narawa » Nov 10th, '05, 19:48

do you live near by?
It is big in asia to gift tea extract.
esp. ginsang tea is good for body~

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Postby Daniel S » Nov 21st, '05, 12:00

LadyArden wrote:hi rubyslipper,
I did receive my oriental spice and it is excellent in my opinion. I usually put about 50/50 milk/water up to 75/25 m/w in a pot, add 2 sp oriental spice tealeaves to the pot, and heat on low until the milky beverage is hot enough to drink and it's a caramel color from the tea. Other than adding sugar/splenda to taste this is all I add. This tea already has all the spices I need in it -delicious flavor if you like chai. Some people just heat the water, make normal tea, then add some milk afterwards, but I find the tea permeates the flavor of the drink better when slowly heating the milk and tea together. I hope this answers your question.

This is close to how I make it as well. 50/50 solution usually and heat it in a pot. Once it gets warm, I add honey for my sweetener, and the tea. Let it sit for 5 min.

(Masala) Chai is really good stuff. And the Oriental Spice tastes really great brewed as plain iced tea.

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