Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.


Postby Lana/Utah » Jun 14th, '05, 21:42

Hoping Adagio will join the band Wagon, and make the best Chai ever... :lol:


Postby chris » Jun 15th, '05, 10:57

Thanks for the post.

Finding a universally accepted chai has been an elusive problem for us for several reasons. There are many variations on "Chai" out there. Are you looking for Chai in the traditional form (has many indian spices, including pepper, cardamom, etc), or a more Americanized version?

Also, there is the problem of milk -- most people know of Chai as a "latte" that includes steamed milk. As you can imagine, this is tough to sell this online.

Please let us know your thoughts!


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The Perfect Chai

Postby Lana Y » Jun 18th, '05, 00:26

You are SOOOOOO right.
I have at least 5 different Chai's in my Tea cupboard, as we type.
Just can't find a good one....But if any company could do it, it
would be Adagio...

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I might have the answer

Postby Pat Sym » Jul 9th, '05, 04:17

I am selling Thai tea that has an exotic, refleshing smell of Vanilla and mild spices. The tea is most famous in Thailand. All Five star hotels in Thailand serve this tea to their guests. And now this tea are being serve in All Thai restuarants in the United States. The price for one glass of ice tea can goes for $3.50-$5.00. This is the signature tea of Thailand. I have the tea in filtered tea bag, ready mixed, and loose leave...
- 1 lbs of loose leave is $8.99 + shipping and handling
- 20 tea bags is $5.99+ shipping and handling
- 20 ready to drink bag is $11.00 + shipping and handling

100% refund able if you don't like the tea... ( this product is directly exported from Thailand)

Pat Sym

Postby teaspoon » Jul 25th, '05, 14:57

I can suggest a really good loose chai :) Go to The site will soon be set up for online ordering, but at the moment you can still call in or email an order and it'll be shipped to you. Really. Good. Teas. And they're all organic, if that makes a difference to anybody :)

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Flavored Green Teas

Postby Olga/NY » Aug 24th, '05, 11:45


Found few flavored teas which sounds very promising:
Sencha Kyoto Green tea with natural cherry and rose flavour. This sweet tasting green tea honours the oldest tea estate in Japan, which was established in the 9th century close to Kyoto

Sencha Echinacea
Sencha, echinacea tops, calendula, flower blossoms

Angel's Dream
Assam and green tea, natural maple and blackberry flavour


Re: Flavored Green Teas

Postby Mike B » Aug 24th, '05, 12:02

LadyArden wrote:I also have a Blackberry Nettle tea that unfortunately tastes like soap.

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times: stop making the tea with the dishwater. Jeeze.

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Postby JamesBeach » Nov 30th, '05, 18:14

The best way I know to make chai is to make it myself. I usually use a blend of fresh ginger root, black pepper corns, cloves, cinnamon sticks, green cardomom pods, anise seeds, adjusted for preference at the time and tossing in whatever I think would taste good with it, all on a base of assam and ceylon black teas (mixed). Perhaps instead of selling a pre-blended mixture for chai tea, Adagio could sell the raw spices and instructions as to how to make it. The local grocers are very expensive with regards to spices ($7 for a tiny cannister of cloves, what?!), so I usually end up ordering spices from San Francisco Herb Co. in large bags (minimum order $35 or so). If Adagio could provide a very good price, I think it would sell.

Ideas. :)


Postby Marlene » Dec 1st, '05, 02:33

Oooo! James, that's a wonderful idea!!
BTW, you totaly should register!

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Postby jogrebe » Dec 12th, '05, 10:45

The only type of chai that I like is the "Thai Coconut" variety and then at the rate of only a few cups a month. Chris, I think you are right in regards to the whole "universally accepted chai" issue having no practical solution. Personally I just get my Thai Coconut chai from a local health food store in the form of teabags which works fine for me. After all if you make it in the traditional style with milk and honey there is no way to tell if its good or poor quality black tea for the base, so I say save the more expensive good quality tea for other blends where its possible to actually taste the difference. Along similar lines howere, if Adaio were to offer a Thai Cocount chai I would probably buy it at least once to see how it compares but I realize that this is probably not going to happen as its not the most popular type of chai in the US market. But that doesn't matter to me as I value Adagio for its Chinese teas which make up around 95% of my tea intake.

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Thai iced tea?

Postby teafrenzy » Feb 7th, '06, 13:00

I love this! How do you make it? I swear, if summertime finds me w.out a tall glass of creamy peach colored thai iced tea...
it'll be be trouble.


what chai i'd like

Postby d313rium » Feb 8th, '06, 13:09

I'd like a more traditional chai. While I do like oriental spice for what it is, there isn't quite as much kick as I like. I want something so pepper-y and ginger-y that you *need* to add milk to make it not burn your tongue! The ginger and pepper flavors should be followed closely by cinnamon and clove, with a nice aftertaste of cardamom and a hint of citrus. That's my ideal tea.
There's a local coffee shop (that somehow has the best loose chai I've ever had) that has a blend, but they're not tea friendly, and the only size you can purchase their tea in is 6oz. While I know it's unlikely I'll find another blend just like that (as they have it made specially for them) I am a big fan of most chai's that try to be spicy.
While I like many of Alchemy's teas (mentioned by teaspoon) I'm not a big fan of their Chai. It's a little bland for me. I'd recomend their Buckingham Palace Garden Party hands down, but hey, that's just me.
As you can tell, I like spice.

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Postby peachaddict » Feb 10th, '06, 01:58

I found a chai a while back and knew nothing whatsoever about the makers, but I found them (thanks to my saving the box). It's Choice Organic Teas ( It has Ceylon, Assam, and East African black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and black pepper. It's not whole loose leaf, but it's not a bag or a mix - it's like everything is diced and still needs to be strained after brewing. It gives directions on stovetop brewing and brewing stovetop with a French Press. It's not bad - actually, I liked it :D . By the way, it requires milk, but the spices and all are brewed with it. Good with honey.

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Postby klemptor » Feb 10th, '06, 09:20

One excellent Chai is Stash's Holiday Chai.

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