sunday TeaDay 5/25/08

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Tea nations ethnic foods, which reigns supreme???

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sunday TeaDay 5/25/08

Postby Chip » May 25th, '08, 02:58

Yesterday, TeaChatters indicated that they drank tea first because they loved it, but also for the possible health benefits You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Welcome to TeaDay everyone. Let's brew and then share what we are drinking today, all day! So, share what is in your cup and check out what others are sipping. You can also reflect back on your TeaDay if you need to.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic goes back to food once more. We love tea, but we love food as well. So, what say you TeaChatters, which Tea Nation's food reigns supreme on TeaChat??? You can factor in authenticity of foods available...or keep it more general.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on TeaDay. Bottoms up...refill...repeat often.
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Postby Space Samurai » May 25th, '08, 03:03

Their tea is supreme, but Japanese food scares me.
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Postby Salsero » May 25th, '08, 03:10

2007 Nanqiao Tea Factory Menghai Jewel Raw Puerh Cake.


This one snuck up on me as young sheng sometimes does. The first session was a total fracaso: weak, uninteresting, watery. The second session I used more leaf and again, disappointment ... until about the fourth steep. Then things started getting my attention: nice viscosity, an aftertaste that encouraged me to go back for another steep, maybe a tad too astringent (a good sign for aging potential), a honey and mushroom aroma pops up.

I love it when a tea ambushes me like this. Now I am thinking this cake has fine aging potential! In fact, drinking it I even imagine that I can tell how it will taste in five or ten years. This is a nice pu after all, hiding its secrets from all but the most persistent suitors.
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Postby Terrasi » May 25th, '08, 03:45

Chinese food is addictive. I don't know how or why. I want some now.

In tea and food, I believe China is the winner.

Commence disagreement.

In my cup: Yunnan gold (coincidence? Nope)
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Postby olivierco » May 25th, '08, 04:09

Ethnic foods. I don't think there is such an expression in french.

This morning some Yunnan golden tips
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Postby omegapd » May 25th, '08, 04:29

Chinese for me too, but I'm drinking Ceylon this morning...

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Postby tenuki » May 25th, '08, 04:36

olivierco wrote:Ethnic foods. I don't think there is such an expression in french.


My favorite restaurant is a vegetarian Thai place in Wallingford. yum.
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Postby ThinkingOutLoud » May 25th, '08, 06:26

This was a real toss up for me between Indian, Japanese, and Korean. In the end, I chose Indian between of the vast complexity of flavors, styles, and spices under the "Indian" banner. And my life would be significantly less pleasurable without curry.

Brewing a pot of Irish Breakfast now. Will brew another pot of something green to take back out to the campground today.
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Postby BonBon » May 25th, '08, 06:38

For me Korean was the easy answer. Japanese food is good, but not as flavorful as Korean. I live for spicy food and always been around Korean food so I just love it.

The only "Chinese" food I've had is from dime-a-dozen Chinese restaurants and chains, which I don't believe is really good source to base any opinion from. And only Vietnamese I've has has been pretty delicious, but hasn't really stuck with me, plus it doesn't seem to be as readily available around me.

Currently having a cup of generic Houjicha from the local Japanese market.
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Postby henley » May 25th, '08, 06:55

Of the choices, the easy answer is Japanese, especially where the food is cooked in front of you on the habachi. From the ginger dressing on the salad to the grilled veggies &'s all good. Thanx, Chip. Now I know where we're eating lunch today! :lol:

Off to make a cuppa Monk's Blend & get everybody going. Have a great day everyone!
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Postby Ron Gilmour » May 25th, '08, 08:04

For my tastes, India is home of both the best cuisine and the best tea (especially my beloved Darjeelings). As a vegetarian, I may be biased. I like Thai food a lot also, but don't eat it much because I don't think it's very healthy (all that coconut milk). I don't think I've ever had Thai tea.

This morning I'm enjoying a cup of Adagio's Spring Darjeeling.
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Postby Proinsias » May 25th, '08, 08:20

Indian leans more towards the heartening soulfood end than the others imo so that's what I'll have to go for.
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Postby Beanbean » May 25th, '08, 09:18

I had to choose "Other" because I could not choose between Vietnamese, Thai, Indian or Japanese. I am completely done with Chinese food but I adore the rest. If you have not ventured into a Vietnamese restaurant for a huge steaming bowl of pho (pronounced "fuh"), you owe it to yourself to do just that. Thai curries are transcendental and Indian food makes me happy happy. As for sushi, my son requested a local sushi restaurant over McDonald's for his fifth birthday :roll: . We eat and cook a lot of Asian food and nothing goes better with Asian food than tea.

My son chose Golden Monkey this morning. It was an excellent choice. :)
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Postby GalileosDaughter » May 25th, '08, 10:30

Indian food for me.

Drinking Adagio Mango over ice this morning.
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Postby olivierco » May 25th, '08, 10:40

Nice session of Kirameki shincha.
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