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Postby tomd » May 27th, '08, 22:52

Hey everyone, I recently got quite a bit of pu erh but unfortunately I cant get breaking it up right. When I break it up I try and break into large chunks but I still get quite a bit of broken leaves and a cloudy brew, especially on the really hard touchas. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks!


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Postby Victoria » May 27th, '08, 23:02

Here is a video that will help, I'm sure the Pu erh fans will chime in soon!

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Postby hop_goblin » May 27th, '08, 23:08

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Postby Salsero » May 27th, '08, 23:13

Some cakes are harder than others, and tuochas are usually the worst. I have taken a hammer and chisel to a tuocha on more than one occasion, though I'm sure that there must be a better way.

As for the clarity of the liquor, if the leaves of the cake are very broken (often the case) or if you break them a lot while separating them, you can get a cloudy brew. I always use a special little filter designed for puerh tea.

Three Youtube videos about breaking up tea cakes and tuochas.

For the brave at heart, the rather scary method of steaming the tuocha briefly, separating, then drying the leaves. ... =puerhinfo (toward bottom of page - where you see woks)

And finally, sophisticated pu drinkers debating the steam alternative:

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Postby tenuki » May 27th, '08, 23:16

You rinse yer pu before you drink it, right?

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Postby tomd » May 27th, '08, 23:29

Thanks for the quick replies everyone!

hop_goblin- Thanks that offered more insight than just the usual "insert knife break off chunk" response

Yes I rinse my pu, but it still comes out cloudy on some of the ones that I have to really struggle with to break up

Edit: Broke up a tou with the steam method it worked great. Clear and great tasting tea 8)

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Postby MarshalN » May 28th, '08, 18:04

Cloudiness can be caused by a lot of things, including how you our your water (and what's in your water). Generally speaking, if your breaking of the tea involves a lot of mess... it's more likely to come out a bit cloudier.

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