Need Quote Ideas for a Chest filled w/Tea Cups for daughter

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Need Quote Ideas for a Chest filled w/Tea Cups for daughter

Postby Kyra » Dec 7th, '05, 18:53

Please help! I need a charming "teaism/quote" for a Christmas gift I am giving to my daughter. It is a lovely wooden carved chest that I am going to fill with all sorts of lovely tea cups and saucers and I am going to call it "Tasses du The" on the lid.

I am looking for a wonderful charming "tea thought" for inside the lid...perhaps a poem...something soothing. Both my daughter and love tea and she has wanted a supply of tea cups for several years now so she can host a garden tea this coming spring. I found a wonderful array of antique cups and this wonderful chest, but would like to decorate the inside lid.

Any ideas? My E-mail is
Many thanks...I just know someone out there has a great idea!

Postby klemptor » Dec 7th, '05, 22:30

I'm no good at this type of thing. However, there is a list on Stash Tea's website of tea-related quotes.
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Postby jogrebe » Dec 7th, '05, 23:41

Or if you are too lazy to look over Stash's quote page and your daughter likes C. S. Lewis you can just copy my signature quote :wink:
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Postby Marlene » Dec 8th, '05, 19:07

If a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty. - Japanese Proverb

Make sure to fill that tea chest with tea too!!!!

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