Saturday TEADAY 6/07/2008

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Jogrebe asks, "What would you do if money ever became so tight that you had to alter your current tea consumption?"

Drink less tea, less tea is better than cheaper tea.
Drink cheaper tea, tea plays too important role in my life to cut down on the amount I drink.
Give up food and clothing...that is what spent tea leaves are for ; )
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Saturday TEADAY 6/07/2008

Postby Chip » Jun 7th, '08, 04:09

Yesterday, alcohol drinkers outpaced non drinker 3 to 1. (I am happy to be in the minority on this one ; ) You can still vote and discuss this topic.

It is Saturday and gonna be a sizzler here, but I am still planning on brewing. Won't you join me. Come and share what is in your cup today, all day. Check out what everyone else is sipping as well. You can reflect back on your TeaDay if you need to.

Today's topic I am hoping is not too relevent to anyone. Jogrebe has asked how you would react in dire personal financial times. Would you drink less but keep the quality the same...or would you keep up your level of drinking but perhaps sacrifice quality. Or would you start eating and wearing your used leaves to save money? (I added the last option, John is too honorable to ask such a question :wink:) How would you deal with such a problem. Considering gas prices, I might also start stuffing leaves down my tank.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on TeaDay. Remember, bottoms up, refill, repeat often!
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Postby tenuki » Jun 7th, '08, 04:12


Fortune Cookie say: The sense of smell can negatively interfere with your tea drinking experience. beware.

To answer the question - I would focus on drinking free yet high quality water. Without caffeine I would lose aprox 11.3% of my apparent mental capacity, get fired from my job as a result, become excessively irritable over my job loss, lose my wife to divorce, fall into an irrecoverable spiral of depression and start drinking drip coffee again.

Let's hope that doesn't happen, ok?
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Postby chrl42 » Jun 7th, '08, 04:23

I pick B, cos that's what I am doing these days.

I spend most money on teapots. Cos teapot lasts longer, and tea on the other hand, is gone on a whim while I take a time appreciating and polishing up teapot.
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Nantou Dong Ding

Postby Salsero » Jun 7th, '08, 04:51

In honor of the Oolong Box Pass preparing for its maiden voyage, Dong Ding oolong and Lily of the Nile or Agapanthus.
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Postby omegapd » Jun 7th, '08, 05:07

Red Rose. 100 bags for 2 bucks. :wink: :lol:

Maybe I am poor already...

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Postby olivierco » Jun 7th, '08, 06:01

Give up food, no. Give up clothing, sell my car yes.

I think I will drink less tea, I won't go for lower quality teas.
But tea is not expensive.

This morning keemun, houjicha with my lunch in a few minutes.
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Postby Photiou » Jun 7th, '08, 06:18

I would buy lower quality teas - the taste does not scale linearly with price. Actually this is what I have done right now as I should buy a car. I e.g. replaced "imperial jasmine pearls" with some lower quality ones from a local tea shop and even if leaf quality is much worse the taste is not.

Drinking less tea is not an option, it will just result in a massive headache.
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Postby Mary R » Jun 7th, '08, 06:28

Man, Sal...I know everyone raves about your photos, but I want to rave about your garden! You must have a helluva good one to be sourcing such lovely flowers. And on such a consistent basis, too!

I'd be able to snap pics of tea next to August.
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Postby jogrebe » Jun 7th, '08, 07:42

For me I'd take the drink cheaper tea option. I could never see myself cutting back on the amount of puerh that I drink but I would have no problem downgrading from mainly cakes to mainly bricks and tuochas if necessary. When it comes to tea in general for me once one crosses the range from bad to good tasting mid-range quality I don't care and I have learned that price is no indication of quality when it comes to ripe puerh.

So far today my tea day has included a mug of Golden Monkey before I head out to visit my girlfriend for the day which means that a large amount of my tea for the rest of the day will be greens and whites.
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Postby Terrasi » Jun 7th, '08, 08:26

Tea isn't really that expensive to begin with. I decided I would just drink less tea, and probably less of it, this is a hypothetical financial crisis we're talking about. I would just find a nice every day tea and drink less, replacing that void with water. I still think it would have to be REALLY hard times to change my tea drinking habits.

TKY this morning. I'm off to the regionals magic: the gathering tournament. Oh yeah, this is probably the wrong place to talk about that, no one knows what I'm talking about.
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Postby olivierco » Jun 7th, '08, 09:04

Kirameki shincha right now. Five steeps (2.50$/liter)
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Postby hop_goblin » Jun 7th, '08, 09:05

Start a tea blog and recieve free samples :D
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Postby henley » Jun 7th, '08, 09:52

hop_goblin wrote:Start a tea blog and recieve free samples :D

I like this answer! :lol: If I ever get in dire straits, tea blog here I come!
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Postby joelbct » Jun 7th, '08, 10:48

Other: Move to Japan.

This morning: Shizuoka Shincha Premium, which thus far is my favorite Shincha of the season.
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Postby Carnelian » Jun 7th, '08, 10:52

I'd probably drink less tea, and the types of tea would be drastically narrowed down. I would focus on spending less money on untried samples and more on teas I know I like.
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