Hi everyone

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Postby omegapd » Jun 15th, '08, 10:56

Welcome and glad to have you here.

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Postby Victoria » Jun 15th, '08, 11:37

Welcome! Please come join us on TeaDay,
and tell us what is in your cup currently!

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Postby olivierco » Jun 15th, '08, 11:58

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Postby Beidao » Jun 15th, '08, 12:13

Hi and welcome! Like your nickname. Very Baudelaire ;)
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Postby kymidwife » Jun 15th, '08, 14:21

Great to meet you, welcome!

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Postby Chip » Jun 15th, '08, 15:31

And one more...welcome to TeaChat...visit us often, and share what is in your cup on TeaDay!
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Postby chamekke » Jun 15th, '08, 20:00

Hello! Wonderful to meet another tea fanatic. Please feel free to join in. Lurking is fun, but participating is even more fun :wink:
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Postby Salsero » Jun 16th, '08, 09:49

Beidao wrote:Like your nickname. Very Baudelaire
Is your nick really after Les Fleurs du mal?
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Postby Salsero » Jun 16th, '08, 10:46

evil flowers wrote:Cough, Cough, sure it is...
Don't blame all the flowers for the evil acts of a small minority!
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Postby henley » Jun 16th, '08, 10:51

evil flowers wrote:Cough, Cough, sure it is... :oops: ( actually I wish I was so well read, but actually I have allergies, hence evil flowers).

Aren't fragrance allergies the pits?!? That's why my favorite flowers have to live outside. :(

Welcome & hope to see you around! :D
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