Making Matcha

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Making Matcha

Postby jogrebe » Nov 7th, '05, 22:03

I was wondering if there is any practical way to make Matcha without a true "Matcha set" and still get it to turn out? For example how much Matcha would one use if they only have standard measuring spoons and how would I need to stir/whip it? As a whole I'd like to try Matcha sometime but would want to hold off buying the proper teaware to make it until after I'm sure that I like it?

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Postby Marlene » Nov 8th, '05, 03:25

I've heard of people using those hand held blending wands to mix matcha. It's faster too!

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Re: Making Matcha

Postby acehigh » Nov 22nd, '05, 10:05

I just use 1/2 tsp and just mix with a spoon. Tea tastes the same and its alot quicker.

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Postby Stefen » Dec 6th, '05, 15:41

half a teaspoon for 4oz of water. Water should be off rolling. If you sift the matcha into the bowl before adding the water it will disolve evenly and be more consistent. Also no granules at the bottom. As for what to use for whisking, I would recommend the bamboo wisk. You can find different grades of it. can be found in chinatown for about 15-20.

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Postby Snow on Cedar » Dec 29th, '05, 01:10

Personally I like this tea, for it's thick "pea soup" like consistency and soapy look...I use boiling water, one tsp of matcha, and a metal wire whisk (the tiny kind) to whisk it.

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