Hi there! I'm new!

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Hi there! I'm new!

Postby teacup » Jul 8th, '08, 17:53

Hi all! I am a newbie to Adagio but not to tea itself. I placed my first order at the end of June and am absolutely thrilled with my teas!
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Postby Victoria » Jul 8th, '08, 17:56

Hey Teacup welcome!

I have a friend up in Snohomish!

Welcome to TeaChat, stop by TeaDay
and tell us what's in your cup!
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Postby Chip » Jul 8th, '08, 18:58

I second the welcome! And the recommendation that you visit TeaDay by clicking here!
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Postby hop_goblin » Jul 8th, '08, 19:02

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Postby Carnelian » Jul 8th, '08, 19:38

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Postby geeber1 » Jul 8th, '08, 21:56

Hi teacup!
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Postby Trey Winston » Jul 9th, '08, 03:14

Welcome :D
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Postby omegapd » Jul 9th, '08, 04:52

Welcome! and I'm amazed that the username "teacup" was not already taken by someone... :lol:
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Postby chamekke » Jul 9th, '08, 10:47

Hello! {waves from across the border in B.C.}
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