Suprise - New Mango blend and tin

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Suprise - New Mango blend and tin

Postby Teatime » Dec 31st, '05, 10:43

I ordered a 4oz tin of the black Mango tea. (I use the 8 oz at home and the 4oz at work).

When I received the order I was very suprised to see a new blend. This tea has large pieces of mango which did not appear in my previous order. It smells just as delightful. As yet I have not tried this new blend.

I was also suprised by the new container. The color appears to be a pale green. But what really suprised me was the fact that the lid was clear. I thought that using a clear lid was not the best way to store tea.



Postby klemptor » Dec 31st, '05, 11:47

Adagio's clear-lidded tins have UV protection, which is the aspect of light that's harmful to your tea.

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Postby Teatime » Jan 1st, '06, 10:04

That's good to know, Klemptor. Now I feel much better about the tins.

I like to display the tins at work and I was concerned about the light coming through the lid.



Postby SereniTea » Jan 1st, '06, 12:21

Has anyone taken a picture of these new containers? I would love to see what they look like. Unfortunately I did not receive any in my last order.

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Postby Kreft » Jan 4th, '06, 17:31

They look sharp...

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Postby ilya » Jan 4th, '06, 17:38

Actually, those are our retail tins. The tins you receive when you order from are a bit different. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo handy.

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Postby Marlene » Jan 5th, '06, 02:59

I can't belive it Ilya! You're going to make me buy some to see them!? I was planning on buying yarn this paycheck, but now I've got to buy tea! That's just cruel. Making me choose between yarn and tea. I mean, I've got tea to last me just fine for a little while, but I'm running low on yarn at the moment. That is just the meanest thing. Decends into incoherent mumbling about tea and yarn

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Postby teaspoon » Jan 5th, '06, 09:57

Ah, but you can use yarn to make things to sell to get money to buy tea... so clearly yarn is more important at this juncture. Heehee...


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Postby klemptor » Jan 8th, '06, 09:36

I've gotten one of the new tins too. Those that are interested can see pics here.

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Postby Valerie » Jan 10th, '06, 09:57

I liked the old ones better!!! The clear top is cool....but I like the metal tin look much better!

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