A story at Washington Post

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A story at Washington Post

Postby Jim Liu » Jul 30th, '08, 16:32

An interesting read at WashingtonPost.com

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co ... 02433&pos=

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Postby Mary R » Jul 30th, '08, 16:53


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Postby puerhking » Jul 30th, '08, 17:05

i fall for this scam all the time. i ask a pretty girl out and get the bill.....wow. and she never calls back. :P

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Postby shogun89 » Jul 30th, '08, 18:26

puerhking, Thats the way dating works, Get used to it, lol. Interesting read. Thanks Jim.

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Postby hop_goblin » Jul 31st, '08, 00:47

I can replace the word "Tea Ceremony" with "Champagne Room" and it is all too familiar! Well, not to me but I am sure other gents! :lol:

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Postby ilya » Jul 31st, '08, 10:40

Sadly, I have a similar story to tell. When I was in China a few years ago on a trip for Adagio Teas, I was approached by 2 young students in Shanghai who claimed to be showcasing their art projects in a building nearby. 20 minutes later I was out $35, but the proud owner of one authentic piece if Chinese calligraphy.

I was still feeling fine until the following day when I bumped into someone who warned me about a scam involving English-speaking 'students' who find Americans and sell them generic artwork claiming to be their own.

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Postby chrl42 » Jul 31st, '08, 11:15

That's horrible, man

Manipulating holy tea culture like that..

No wonder why Mao Zedong closed so many teahouses and indeed some area still has those houses where people go for women not teas.

Beijing is more relieved of scams compared to Shanghai..I guess that's due to a number of public police?

And Shanghai..not every places are like that...but puerhaps Nan Jing street? My friend experienced a scam after realising a glass of whisky he drank was 300-dollar-whisky..

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