Hello new here

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Postby Chip » Jul 30th, '08, 22:40

Hi Jenny. Welcome to TeaChat! Thanx for sharing with us and please join our TeaFellowship!

Also, share what is in your cup on TeaDay by clicking here!
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Postby Victoria » Jul 30th, '08, 23:18

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Postby olivierco » Jul 31st, '08, 01:45

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Re: Hello new here

Postby Salsero » Jul 31st, '08, 01:52

catwoman33 wrote: My hubby thinks im nuts but heck its my new hobby and im loving it.
Your hubby's diagnosis is actually correct, but you will find a lot of other crazies here to mingle with.

When you say red, so you mean rooibos or black tea?

See you in TeaDay. Don't be shy to chime in. You will learn a lot and develop a whole new bunch of friends.
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Postby Trey Winston » Jul 31st, '08, 03:17

Welcome :D
Great to see another white tea fanatic join.
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Postby hop_goblin » Jul 31st, '08, 13:45

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