Mega tea sampler

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Mega tea sampler

Postby jogrebe » Nov 24th, '05, 15:25

I think if you offered some type of mega tea samplers they would be fairly popular. Like a black tea mega sampler that contains some of every Adagio black tea, the same for the other types of tea and one of every tea Adagio makes. Only you might do better with smaller sample sizes than the current sample tins (maybe tiny zip lock bags inside a box to keep light out), to make it easier for people to try every type of Adagio tea to find out early on what they like and what they don't like.

John Grebe

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Postby mcgroarty » Jan 14th, '06, 23:39

I'm completely with you on this one! I bought one of each of the samplers Adagio currently has. I can't see buying many larger tins because the variety of flavors is so nice. I'd quickly snap up any new samplers offered.

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Postby ilya » Jan 15th, '06, 04:23

We do offer all of our teas in sample sizes. So if you wanted to purchase all of the black, green, white, etc., teas, you can easily do that. The reason we have not created a mega-sampler is because most people would only order a mega-sampler after trying a few of our teas, and thus will not wish to order repeats.


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Love it!

Postby Snow on Cedar » Jan 15th, '06, 15:00

I would love the real "Mega sampler"...One small portion of every tea offered at Adagio...It would be the BEST way to find out if I like black tea, and oolong, and green...etc...

Please do this!

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Postby ilya » Jan 15th, '06, 15:40

You can create your own mega-sampler. Simply add 1 of each tea you want to sample into yoru cart. Since we offer all of our teas in sample sizes, this is the best way to control exactly which teas you recieve.


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Postby Snow on Cedar » Jan 15th, '06, 17:35

Can't afford to order them individually. However if you made a mega sampler with smaller amounts, say one cup per type, I could probably dig up the dough for that.

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Postby rhpot1991 » Jan 15th, '06, 18:36

I disagree on the idea here. First of all if you only have enough for a single cup then what happens to people like me who use larger mugs. What happens if you screw up and let your tea steap too long, you are out of tea to try it again. I know stash sold an assorted sampler which had enough for maybe 3 cups in a small bag, I still have many of those left over because they are ones that I just am not interested in. Having these in the bags is very anoying compared to the excelent adagio tins, quite a few of them are nice and crushed, I have actually been moving the stash samples into my empy adagio tins.


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Postby Lynn » Jan 17th, '06, 16:07

Being fairly new to the wide variety teas available I was very happy with the adagio samples. About $2.00 is less than many other dirnks and we usually get about ten cups for that price. Two or three cups wouldn't let me try the sample a couple different ways. First I try the tea straight to get a feel and taste of the tea. Then I adjust for strength and sweetness. Then I drink a couple of cups to see if I wish to reorder. For a newbie this has taught me a lot about the various teas. Let me add that trying these samples has been quite an adventure and a pleasure. I say keep the samples just the way they are. Thanks for listening..........Lynn


Postby Kestrel » Jan 31st, '06, 22:20

It would be nice, though, if Adagio put together a sampler that included multiple kinds of tea - like, for example:
Assam Melody
Ceylon Sonata
Jasmine #5
Oolong #8
Citron Green
Sencha Overture

And then maybe a Savant sampler set that would also have black, green, and oolong teas - for people who want to try samples of multiple teas, but don't know which ones to buy.

Adagio is good at making recommendations for samples for people who are new to high quality teas - it'd be really nice if that had a set that incorporated all three common kinds of tea to give people the chance to test small amounts of the general types of teas, so they can see which they prefer.

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