Cheap porcelain teapots?

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Cheap porcelain teapots?

Postby Grubby » Aug 14th, '08, 17:31

Anyone know where i can buy cheap, generic, white porcelain tea pots?
Size should be 1-1,5 Liter, don't know how much that is in US but it should just be big :)

Surprisingly it doesn't seem to be available in my local stores.

Edit: Actually Adagios PersonaliTEA would be awesome, but its too small.

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Postby omegapd » Aug 15th, '08, 02:36

Great inexpensive pots. They don't ship overseas, though. Do you need to find a vendor that will?


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Postby Grubby » Aug 15th, '08, 08:00

Yeah i do.

Something in England would be nice, but ofcourse i can use all as long as they ship for reasonable price.
It should be easy but the problem is that most places focus on very expensive exquisite teapots.

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Postby RussianSoul » Aug 15th, '08, 09:15

Here are a couple:

and ... nt_id=1075

The second is more expensive, but it is in Germany and so could be more convenient.

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Postby Grubby » Aug 15th, '08, 09:20

Russiansoul to me those are all quite expensive.
Compare to the Adagio PersonaliTEA for example.

Edit: I found some 1,5 L teapots in denmark for 15$ each. Theyre ugly but i guess they will do. Thx for the help guys.

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Postby chamekke » Aug 15th, '08, 12:07

Do you have the equivalent of "dollar stores" in Denmark? These are stores that sell mass-produced items at low cost. The ones in Canada usually stock inexpensive teapots from China of various sizes and colours. I would have no difficulty finding a large white teapot at a place like that.

(You said that you couldn't find anything at your local stores, so perhaps my question is redundant. Thought I'd ask anyway, though, since sometimes people don't think of dollar stores for that kind of item.)

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Postby Grubby » Aug 15th, '08, 12:33

Yeah we have that kind of thing, but probably in a more limited kind of way.
I have checked and they don't have it. They sometimes get some home but you never know when, it could be years from now. I have one i bought like 2 years ago from such a place. I think its cause coffee is much more popular than tea here.

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