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Vanilla Tea

Postby cyenobite » Jan 27th, '06, 23:17

Hello tea fans,
I just recieved a new package today from Adagio (a good day when that happens). One of the items I ordered was a tin of Vanilla. It smelled fantastic in the tin! I made my first cup, and was surprised to smell something different than the vanilla. I could not name it and assume it may have been the actual tea I was smelling, mixed with the scent of vanilla. It almost smelled like oranges (but it wasn't - that's the best I can describe it).
Anyway, I wondered if there were other ingrediants added, or was it the tea I was smelling?
(I realize this is a tough post to respond to, since you can't smell over this message board ;)

One other comment about the vanilla... It tasted good, but when I got to the last few mouthfulls it started to taste bitter. I thought it odd, that the first few sips tasted good, but then the last few tasted bitter - has anyone experienced that? Did I steep it too long? (I used the ingenuiTEA by the way, so there were no leaves in the mug).


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Postby Teatime » Jan 28th, '06, 09:38

The black vanilla tea is one of my Adagio favorites. I enjoy the wonderful aroma of the vanilla. I also use the ingenuiTEA. I add one level teaspoon of vanilla and let it steep for exactly 5 minutes (I use a timer so that I don't steep the leaves too long).

As a result, there is no bitterness and it has a smooth vanilla taste and aroma to the last drop.

I hope this helps. I've just not had any bittness with this tea.



Postby jogrebe » Jan 28th, '06, 13:28

Strange I've never had anything like that happen before. You did remove the tea leaves after infusing for 5 minutes right? If you didn't and it continued to brew as you were drinking it that would explain why it got bitter as time went on. Otherwise I'd recommend giving it a second try and maybe brew it a little lighter to see if that helps.

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brewed 5 min

Postby cyenobite » Jan 28th, '06, 21:57

Yep, I did remove the leaves after the recommended 5 minutes. There were some tiny sediment leaves at the bottom of the cup, and that's the only thing I can figure was that those small amounts influenced the last few mouthfuls in the mug.
I did try my new Peach flavored tea today, and noticed the "secondary" smell after I brewed it. At this point, I am going to just chalk this up to the 'tea smell' coming through the peach smell after brewing. It tasted good though, and I did not have the bitter experience like the vanilla. (I also added a teaspoon of of sugar which helped).
I left my vanilla at work, so now I'm anxious to get back to work (ugh, did I really just say that?) to try another mug full.
I've got one other flavored tea left to try this weekend... Mango! I'll see how that goes.

Thanks for the responses.

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