Hi Guys

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Postby tsverrir » Sep 17th, '08, 07:23

That's what we're all here for...


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Postby Proinsias » Sep 17th, '08, 08:11

Good to see you over here, enjoy.

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Postby Victoria » Sep 17th, '08, 10:06

Your timing is perfect, the board is a buzz
with Pu-erh topics.


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Postby xine » Sep 17th, '08, 10:12

Hey there! Like Victoria said, you'll be in good company- many a Pu-Erh super fan lurk these boards. Welcome!

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Postby hop_goblin » Sep 17th, '08, 10:31


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Postby olivierco » Sep 17th, '08, 10:43


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Postby Chip » Sep 17th, '08, 13:11

Welcome to the forum! I hope you share many cups with us, be sure to visit the daily hang out, TeaDay!

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Postby leiche » Sep 17th, '08, 20:45


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Postby Trioxin » Sep 18th, '08, 03:53

Another pu-head. Eventually we're going to own this place. Looking forward to your pu thoughts and reviews. Welcome.

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