Goodbye friends

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Goodbye friends

Postby chris » Feb 10th, '06, 17:55

When it comes to posts I don't want to write, this ranks among the top.

I've had a great time at Adagio, but now is my time to move on to new horizons. I hope everyone knows that my leaving the comapny has nothing to do against Adagio in the least - they are among the best tea companies in the world. I will always think that. And they will always be very, very good friends that I want to keep throughout my life.

I look back at TeaChat and am amazed. What a large, rich, hilarious community. We've done this, all of us crazy tea lovers. We built this together. I count every single one of you as a friend, not just a random poster. I thank you all.

I hope to be able to continue contributing to TeaChat when my new schedule permits, but probably will not be able to give it the time I used to. I promise to still infuse my passion into every post, though, and I truly hope we can all stay in touch.

Drop me a line at "cccason at gmail dot com" if you ever have any random tea questions, dirty jokes, or free friday nights. I'm up for all of the above.

Goodbye everyone. May your futures be happy, healthy and full of tea,

Tea Maestro

(final confession: I was Mr. Tea... my secret's out.)

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Postby cess » Feb 10th, '06, 18:27

:shock: WOW!
Dearest Chris - your wit, charm, humor and peacemaking editing skills will truly be missed. :(

Take care and reach far in whatever you do - you are a very talented person.

Happy travels to you my friend, :)


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Postby garden gal » Feb 10th, '06, 18:51

I knew it- the book hit the top ten list and off he goes to the big world of celebrities. Watch out Brad Pitt- you've got competition coming.
Seriously though, you will definitely be missed :(

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Postby AnnaAult » Feb 10th, '06, 18:57

May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.
~Irish Blessing


Good luck in all your future endeavours, and many thanks for all you've contributed here - things won't be the same with out you.

Blessed be,


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Postby peachaddict » Feb 10th, '06, 19:04

Chris, good luck in all you do. May you find all the peace and happiness you ever need! May you get always have what you need and know what you want. All here will miss you much, man!

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Postby Kai » Feb 10th, '06, 20:31


I just get here and Chris leaves?!

How am I gonna get him to autograph more books and novelty devices?!?!?

Best of luck to you dude.

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Postby vbguy772 » Feb 10th, '06, 20:37


Best of luck to you. I hope your new path leads to happiness.

Happy sipping...............


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Postby teaspoon » Feb 10th, '06, 23:19

Chris, I have to say that I hope you'll be successful in all you do, but I do admit that I'm so sad you're leaving adagio. I hope your new schedule allows you to stick around teachat. Though I'm someone who has always been skeptical of making "internet friends" I've really become attached to everyone here, and you were so central to the group that it would seem really odd around here without you. And I'm going to miss the Chris-ness of adagio. Not every company sends out calendars with personalized cards for Christmas. Please come back to teachat when you can, and I hope you can still contribute to teamuse too.

~teary-eyed teaspoon

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Postby rhpot1991 » Feb 10th, '06, 23:47

Chris sorry to hear you are leaving, good luck with whatever you are moving on to. Just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given, especially with the points from that kettle order incident you helped me out with last. Here is to hoping that adagio doesn't change much after you leave, I am already spoiled by their great service.


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Postby teamuse » Feb 11th, '06, 18:02

I kept looking at the date, hoping it was April 1 and this was just some really terrible joke...posted at the end of the day on friday.

Sadly, I guess not.

Best wishes Chris.
You will be missed.

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Postby Loridg » Feb 11th, '06, 19:30

I'm new here, but I hate to see you go. I've really enjoyed your posts and loved your book. Good luck to you and I do hope you'll be able to stop by :)

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Postby librarianpirate » Feb 11th, '06, 21:07

): Chris, I have really enjoyed seeing you around TeaChat! Here's hoping that you do find time in your new schedule to hang out with us still. Good luck in your future!

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Postby jogrebe » Feb 12th, '06, 00:37

:cry: :cry: :cry: We'll miss you Chris!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Postby jzero » Feb 12th, '06, 19:33

Good luck, Chris! Thanks for the fun chats. We'll miss you. Mike B always did say you were his favorite.

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Postby klemptor » Feb 12th, '06, 20:10

Mike B always did say you were his favorite.

But you better not tell anyone!

Chris - we'll miss you tons and tons! Best of luck in everything and keep in touch! :)

(If we end up doing TeaCon, we'll make sure there are some petit-threes just for you.)

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