Mini Toucha

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Postby edkrueger » Sep 22nd, '08, 19:57

The imperative was meant for you. I understand now.

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Postby t4texas » Sep 25th, '08, 09:21

Just a followup note: I did the shu mini tuocha with about 240 ml water for 5 minutes for the first infusion, about 160 ml water at 10 minutes seond infusion and 160 ml at 20 minutes third infusion. 20 second rinse to start. The first and second infusions were the darkest and best, the third a little thinner but okay.

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mini tuos

Postby beecrofter » Sep 30th, '08, 14:04

While the quality of mini tuos is all over the spectrum and mostly lower end some make a pretty decent everyday tea.
I find them to be the introduction to pu-erh for many westerners.
So far the best way to brew them is pot style in a quart mason jar, give them an initial rinse for a few seconds and then fill the jar to whatever level you plan on consuming. An entire quart for no fuss or multiple infusions a cup at a time.
The advantage of a mason jar is you can observe the process and with practice get a feel for brewing times before you are seduced away by the gong fu style.
After all the goal is a decent tasting cup.

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Re: mini tuos

Postby Salsero » Sep 30th, '08, 14:13

beecrofter wrote: While the quality of mini tuos is all over the spectrum
I have had great experience with some mini-tuos as well as awful experience.

Are you the same Beecrofter as at the Puerh LJ? Great to see you here!

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Re: Mini Toucha

Postby ClarG » Dec 18th, '13, 14:02

This is an old topic but I have had bird's nest mini toucha before since a cafe I would go to in college sold them and I thought it tasted very good. The tea was not broken up, or rinsed and it was good for a large cup of tea made Western style.

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Postby AllanK » Dec 19th, '13, 06:19

Antony wrote:I got some of those mini toucha pu-erh cakes (black) from Wholes Foods loose tea section. I forgot what brand it was, but it was the only non-boxed or tinned pu-erh available there. They are wrapped in white tissure papper and are hard little bird nest shapes. I broke one apart in a mortar and pestle, it was much harder than i thought it would be, almost stone like. I then put the smashed pieces in my metal mesh ball shaped infuser, steeped for 5 min in my coffe cup. (and two subsequent re-steeps)

The result was a very dark and yet unflavorable beverage. It was indeed earthy, but I didn't think the flavor was that strong. The smell was kinda like this loose tabbaco i bought once, and also like yerba mate. Overall, it tasted like old tea without flavor, mixed with ginseng root, like a lighter tasting ginseng tea.
The second and third brews had less flavor than the first, the third i believe is the end of flavor.

overall, im not too impressed.

Now say i had some good quality pu-erh (black), how would this differ from my description above?

more earthy flavor? or some other flavor I didn't get in my Whole Foods pu-erh?

also, does green pu-erh taste better?

The mini toucha from Whole Foods was probably a new, un-aged mini toucha. Get mini toucha from someplace that tells you the year at the very least. An older mini toucha will taste better. Put that mini toucha away for a year it will probably improve. Some mini toucha are lower quality as they save the lower quality leaves for bricks and mini touchas. Some, however, like the ones from are quite good.

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