More New Flavors!

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More New Flavors!

Postby xine » Sep 23rd, '08, 15:54

More new flavors folks!

Rhubarb Green:

and something different Guanabana (doo doo de doo)
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Postby neowolf » Sep 23rd, '08, 20:21

*weeps* I'd just made an order too! Next time!
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Postby Aphroditea » Oct 1st, '08, 13:30

I am gone for a week and I come back and there are TONS of new or upcoming teas! Enablers!!

I have gotten both the rhubarb and guanabana :D

The first time I ever had guanabana anything was in Guadalajara Mexico when I was about 8yrs old. It was handmade icecream and it was DEVINE!

I am hoping it will make a good iced should...*excited bouncing*

Also snagged a couple other new ones and put those that aren't out yet on my wish list. I think I need a tea cellar!!
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