New Puerhshop Video II

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New Puerhshop Video II

Postby hop_goblin » Oct 24th, '08, 14:50

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Postby chad » Oct 24th, '08, 22:03

I found that a very interesting video. It goes along with the perception I had after watching David Lee Hoffman's documentary.

I spent a lot of years studying China, from a military perspective, and always wanted (still do) want to visit. But, I want the boonies -- as you can tell in this video - this ain't Beijing.

Thanks for posting the link.

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Postby heavydoom » Oct 25th, '08, 08:45

some roads in china are just a mud road with huge pot holes. the drivers do not care if they are driving a regular car, they still think they are in a suv, so you bounce around inside it like a beach ball. i sat in one and i don't think that his struts or his spring would last a year, maybe less even. still, it's fun to be out in the country side in china.

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