Greetings from the TeaGuru

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Greetings from the TeaGuru

Postby teaguru » Oct 24th, '08, 22:30

Hello all!

So it seems that I've finally wandered my way into the wondrous place that is TeaChat. Why haven't I been here before? This place is awesome!

I'm new to the world of tea, having only really had your standard cup of Orange Pekoe up until about six months ago. My interest in tea first started when I attended a local art school here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a few courses. In the same building as my school sits a brand new teashop called Sawadee, owned by a lovely Thai woman named Mei Mei. I ventured into the shop one day sheerly out of curiosity, was taken aback by the lovely tea selection and decor the owner had, and I've never looked back since. Sawadee is now known as "My Teashop", and I try to stop in every month or so.

I am now the proud owner of 18 different types of tea, an IngenuiTea (a wonderful device, by the way), and soon to be in possession of a vast selection of Adagio teas. I drink close to 8 cups of tea a day, ranging from Oolongs to Greens to Herbals to Blacks. My bladder is getting lots of exercise!

Green and Oolong are my current favourites, with Iron Goddess Oolong and Gen Maicha topping the list. I also have a fondness for the flavoured black teas, Lemongrass, and Honeybush. I've tried a wide range of Rooibos, but they just aren't quite doing it for me. Maybe I need some more time to adjust to them.

My experience in the tea world is limited, but I'm very eager to learn and taste new types. I would love to hear about everyone's favourite tea!

I have a vast appreciation for tea and its health benefits, and my coworkers are now used to having tea shoved in their face whenever they show up to work sick or complain of a headache. I'm just now coming down with a cold, and I'm sucking back a mixture Lemongrass, Honeybush, Camomile, and rose buds every few hours. It works wonders on my throat! I also find that since I've started drinking so much tea every day, my complexion has improved greatly. My doctor has even commented on how healthy I look!

My father, a former devote drinker of coffee and orange pekoe, now drinks a cup of Gen Maicha every afternoon, thanks to me introducing it to him. He loves munching on the floating rice bits. He's now looking for another nutty flavoured tea to enjoy at the office. Does anyone have any suggestions?

If you've read this far, I commend you! I've got a degree in public relations, and it's really just an official document that says I'm allowed to talk a lot. But for as much as I talk, I also love to learn about new people and hear about everyone's experience with tea. I look forward to chatting with everyone for a long time to come!


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Postby Chip » Oct 24th, '08, 22:41

Welcome Selina to the forum, and I hope we share many cups with you. Thanks for your lengthy dissertation. :twisted: Seriously, thanks for sharing.

Since you asked, my favorite is green, more specifically sencha at the present. My all time fave is Yutaka Midori sencha.

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Postby caligatia » Oct 24th, '08, 23:31


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Postby chad » Oct 24th, '08, 23:56

Welcome to the neighborhood! :D

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Postby Victoria » Oct 25th, '08, 00:48

Welcome! Glad you enjoy Oolongs and Greens as well as others! I have a wide range too but oolongs have my heart.

Glad to have you with us!!

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Postby olivierco » Oct 25th, '08, 00:52


If you want to try new teas, you could also try gyokuro and matcha.

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Postby Vulture » Oct 25th, '08, 01:34


Please visit the Black room as well. We have Sith and Cookies.

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Postby Salsero » Oct 25th, '08, 01:38

Thanks for writing the charming introduction. It will be fun to have you join us.

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Postby hop_goblin » Oct 25th, '08, 11:28

Thank you for you detailed intro! Welcome!

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Postby leiche » Oct 26th, '08, 01:08


...the Oolong side has delicious baked goods!

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