Pleasant Greens (read as: newbie alert)

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Pleasant Greens (read as: newbie alert)

Postby Rakuras » Oct 27th, '08, 00:37

Hello TeaChat. Don't mind wee little me as I'm just someone Vulture drug up to this site and the forum by virtue of him rekindling my love of tea that's I've held for only eight years. Rather convenient to have loose-leaf teas sent to me with a wider selection than 20 limited brews as my last little den held and before that a single cup of a malt at an English Breakfast Club of some fashion. Either way, I've a mixed pallet of teas and a large number of samplers to try over the next month ranging from black to green to red and oolongs. Oddly I find that I'm fairer to over-steeped brews as I have a very rough bitter pallet atop the finer senses of flavor that I'm slowly finding in varying teas such as the difference between Irish and English Breakfast that I was unaware of except in name until recently. Further I do find those steeping pots sold here rather useful and am enjoying them rather commonly as I doubt I've drank this much tea within the last year as preparing loose-leaf in coffee filters often becomes troublesome at best. Now back to slightly existing within a paradoxical chain of uncertainties that could indeed be called the 'real world' if science prohibits it.

Also, did I fail a Spot check already? Dear me.
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Postby Salsero » Oct 27th, '08, 00:50

Any friend of Vulture's is a friend of ours! Welcome.
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Postby Victoria » Oct 27th, '08, 02:03

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Postby Vulture » Oct 27th, '08, 02:44

oh noes what have I brought to the forum... :twisted:
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Postby olivierco » Oct 27th, '08, 03:12

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Postby Chip » Oct 27th, '08, 09:04

Welcome to TeaChat.

We hope you will share what is in your cup on TeaDay!
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Postby Trey Winston » Oct 27th, '08, 09:24

Welcome :D
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Postby chad » Oct 27th, '08, 11:06

Welcome to the neighborhood.
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Postby teaguru » Oct 27th, '08, 13:14

Hello and welcome! I'm a newbie to the site as well, and I look forward to chatting with you. :)
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Postby caligatia » Oct 27th, '08, 13:37

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Postby leiche » Oct 27th, '08, 20:38

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Postby auggy » Oct 28th, '08, 09:52

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