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Looking for yellow

Postby TaiPing Hou Kui » Nov 7th, '08, 02:49

Hey guys.....I am looking for a nice quality yellow to try......my response to another post has prompted me to see if anybody has some here they would be willing to trade before I order some online. Here is what I have that I can trade:
1)Jasmine Dragon Pearls.....got them as a gift a few weeks ago.....not a big flavor guy....I have 5oz of that

2)TaiPing Hou Kui (I get this from a private source that I wish I could share and always keep a lot on hand....hence my name here on teachat)

3)Hy homemade genmaicha which consists of home-toasted brown rice and megami sencha from ITOEN

*If you want to do a swap or something of the sort, just PM me or post it in the forum and I will try to respond soon!

-Nick (TaiPing)
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TaiPing Hou Kui
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Postby Victoria » Nov 7th, '08, 10:49

I have a couple of yellow I'd be happy to send you, PM me your address if you are interested in either of these:


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