Warm Wishes from Sue

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Warm Wishes from Sue

Postby sufrance » Nov 9th, '08, 05:58

Hi eveyone

I am a newbie here - just joined in about 2 weeks ago. I was advised to come this Introduction page.

I m from Singapore. I like to read most of the writings in this TeaChat forum - Some of you all really great tea gurus. I enjoyed seeing those great picuture of Tea, teapots, teawares.

I like the gongfu style of brewing of chinese tea. I love yixing teapots and tea-ware too.

My tea collections Ti- Kuan Ni( high grade from China), Japanese green tea, and Puer"h ( 4 to 13yrs one).

Best Regards!
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Postby omegapd » Nov 9th, '08, 06:11

Glad to have you here, Sue.

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Postby Trioxin » Nov 9th, '08, 06:26

Welcome to teachat
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Postby xuancheng » Nov 9th, '08, 08:16

Welcome to Teachat, Sue!
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Postby olivierco » Nov 9th, '08, 10:52

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Postby geeber1 » Nov 9th, '08, 13:02

Hi Sue, glad to have you here!
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Postby Goose » Nov 9th, '08, 13:44

Welcome from another new member!
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Postby Victoria » Nov 9th, '08, 16:02

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Postby Salsero » Nov 9th, '08, 16:05

Welcome, Sue.

Sounds like you have a nice collection started there.

Our Singapore contingent seems to be growing. If you add "Singapore" to your profile, then everyone will know (and I will remember) where you are located. Sometimes it makes a difference in the conversation.
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Thank You

Postby sufrance » Nov 9th, '08, 20:56

Thank you all - My Tea Buddies Online for the warm welcome.

Thank you Salsero for yr advice - done.

I look forward to the sharing of our interest in Tea.

Take care,


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Postby leiche » Nov 9th, '08, 22:39

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Postby Chip » Nov 9th, '08, 22:48

Hi again Sue. Thanks for posting an introduction. I am looking forward to hearing your perspectives from Singapore, it adds depth and interest to the forum.

I hope you visit us on TeaDay and share what is in your cup!
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Postby Vulture » Nov 9th, '08, 23:19

Welcome! :D
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