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Postby odarwin » Nov 9th, '08, 22:30

hi wesli,

i brushed the mold off, and did not put it back into the box... i left the cakes at home for a few weeks to see if the mold will come back, fortunately it did not, so now i think its circulation. the cakes that got mold are now in the office, where there is air conditioning to maybe about 25-23c all day, and humidity is 60-65%, hopefully i can get the cakes to completely dry out internally before bringing them back home.

for now, i left a stack of dry ripe tea cakes at home, and im observing the absorption or effect to the conditions there, seems like the tea cakes like it as i always smell the fragrance, i should give it a few more months so see if the cakes become wet due to humidity, if that's the case, id really be waiting for the earthware jars to arrive or if i have no choice, i'll be bringing all of my cakes to the office :D


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Postby Vulture » Nov 9th, '08, 22:34

nada wrote:here you go odarwin - from world travel guide (not the most accurate source I'm sure, but it was quick and easy)


I tried using their web site for San Diego, Ca but it didn't have a humidity guide hehe.

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