Candy Apple Tea

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Candy Apple Tea

Postby Tealover » Mar 3rd, '06, 13:51

I noticed that there are no review on this tea. I just want to share my experience on this tea. The candy is actually Caramel, and this tea really taste good!!! The instruction is to brew this tea for 5 min, but I find 3 min a better brewing time. By adding some rock sugar to this tea, it is a real treat. If you like caramel, you will love this tea. :D

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Postby yresim » Mar 3rd, '06, 21:14

Where are you getting this tea from? I am interested in trying it... not to mention having the SO try it!

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Postby marz910 » Mar 4th, '06, 07:42

I got the candy apple tea in the the gift personaliTEA set. It offers the hoilday teas. I found it to be very good. One of my favorites from that set. :P

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Postby Tealover » Mar 19th, '06, 04:54

I also got my candy apple tea from a gift set......I was also wondering if Adagio will put it on the menu for us to buy :(

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Postby LavenderPekoe » Mar 19th, '06, 13:58

Candy apple is a holiday tea and is only available in the fall along with Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Blend, Chestnut, and Cranberry.

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Postby daughteroftheKing » Mar 19th, '06, 21:01

Oh, the anticipation of delayed gratification! It isn't even spring yet, and I can barely wait for fall to get more Pumpkin Spice.

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