The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine: great book!

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The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine: great book!

Postby tjkoko_off » Nov 12th, '08, 18:43

The book's author,Mowrey, derives remedies for several mainstream ailments. Most if not all of these remedies are included in the current european pharmacopia and have been used for centuries. I sometimes referred to this book in teaching my Health Science class and while i practised as a chiropractor.

It's listed here:
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Postby Drax » Nov 12th, '08, 20:19

Hey cool! That looks pretty interesting...

I took a medicinal plants course in college. We used a book the professor wrote ( ... 000&sr=8-9).

It's meant for college instruction, so if you want to get into chemical names and modes of action, as well as lots of great stories, it's a great book.

I still remember his stories of people brewing tea from things they shouldn't (foxglove, yew) or seeing "mistletoe tea" in the nutrition store (which has a chemical that's a vasodialator... acts like cobra venom) complete with berries that were "extra potent."

And he also had a copy of a letter somebody had sent to the the FDA (I guess?) when they banned sassafras sale. Boy was that funny...

Okay, sorry to completely go off there... good memories!
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