2008 Menghai 5 colored Peacock - Meng song cha shan

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2008 Menghai 5 colored Peacock - Meng song cha shan

Postby Jeremy » Nov 19th, '08, 09:03

So my samples finally arrived! Woo Hoo
I will do the Mengsong mountain first.

This is what YS wrote about it

Mengsong Mountain

Mengsong has one of the highest concentrations of ancient tea gardens in Menghai County. The Mengsong tea growing area lies at a high altitude. The tallest peak in Xishuangbanna, Huazhu Liangzi, is located near the tea growing area at an altitude of 2429 meters. It is known as the roof of Xishuangbanna. Mengsong benefits from its high altitude, heavy forest cover, and often misty weather. It is truly a case of "high, misty mountains produce fine tea." Mengsong area tea has a unique flavor and strong aroma. Mengsong Peacock tea is a 400g fresh Pu-erh cake. The buds and leaves are large and fleshy. The leaves have a thick, but soft, character. The tender buds are a yellowish green. They possess a high amount of fine fuzz. They are highly tender and have a glossy appearance. The flavor is sweet, mellow, and refreshing. The fragrance is clean, pure, and long-lasting. It has a unique and strong appeal.

My impressions

Rinse 20s

Smell of wet leaves, pleasant, like fruit

Liquor is very clear and nice bright yellow

1st infusion - has some mouth feel and some astringency. almost tangy.

2md infusion - Grassy? Light, nice mouth feel. Not much astringent, no qi

3rd inf, caramel scent, nice sharpness / spicyness in back of throat, qi is coming out, mouthfeel is very nice, slight bitterness

4th inf - didnt brew long enought, but good qi

5th inf - sharper and more astringent,

6th inf - Starting to taper off, but still well balanced.

I couldnt find the other thread for these so I started a new one.

J :D :D
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Postby Salsero » Nov 19th, '08, 09:48

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I received the samples a few days ago, but haven't managed to get to them yet.
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Postby thanks » Nov 19th, '08, 18:06

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