Honey Bush chocolate

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Honey Bush chocolate

Postby Luvpink » Nov 21st, '08, 03:35

Has any one tried the honey bush chocolate? I can get it right it is so weak how many teaspoons and how much water and seep time?
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Postby Vulture » Nov 21st, '08, 04:25

I tried honey bush but I couldn't get it dark enough to where I liked it. I prefer rooibos over it by far. I believe honey bush is supposed to be light like a white tea but I don't know. Try using 2-3 table spoons and very long steep times over 10 minutes.
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Postby yukondoit » Dec 4th, '08, 22:40

I really detest honeybush most of the time, but I was into the chocolate. I don't *like* chocolate much so I think that's why I liked this blend. It was definitely honeybush, with just a tinge of chocolate.

http://authoritea.blogspot.com/2008/10/ ... olate.html

If you are a chocolate lover (and most people are) I don't know if you will be into this, but as someone who just likes a small taste of it, it was really good. Honeybush Apricot is great too.
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Postby Cinnamon Kitty » Dec 5th, '08, 02:06

I am actually drinking some honeybush chocolate now. It smelled great in the tin, but it turned out to be very subtle after brewing. I used two teaspoons in a 12 ounce mug with boiling water and let it steep for a while. From what I've gotten, the chocolate smooths out the natural tangy, tart flavor of the honeybush and gives a touch of a chocolate aftertaste.
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