Anyone deal w/Generation Tea

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Anyone deal w/Generation Tea

Postby CDS » Nov 23rd, '08, 10:50

Does anyone here deal with Generation Tea much? They do have some very exciting looking Puerh, but also at very expensive prices.
I have tried their "Contact Us" section several times, with questions on their products, and never get any response. This leaves me wary on spending my money there, especially when they do not carry samples.

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Postby beecrofter » Nov 23rd, '08, 11:28

try Houde
generation is reputable but Houde will blow you away with attention to detail!

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Postby CDS » Nov 23rd, '08, 11:37

Thanks much. I deal Houde quiet often, and also love their service and tea selection!

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Postby ABx » Nov 23rd, '08, 13:46

Generation Tea has a solid reputation and I've never had any problems with them (nor heard of any problems), but I've never tried to email them. The only downside I've heard about them is their prices, which is obvious. If the price isn't an issue for what you want then I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again, I'd just look around to make sure you can't get the same item cheaper elsewhere.

Also look on - Generation Tea has an Amazon store and they sometimes have better prices and even a few items that they don't list on their regular site.

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