Need Your Help guys-

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Need Your Help guys-

Postby teachat » Jun 8th, '05, 15:34

Well me and my Co- worker are finally at the end of the mist for our new tea companys main idea's, and now its time to get some feed back from the buyer. I am going to list a few teas we might be interested in retailing, Some of these you might nto have heard of before...and some that the company i am dealing with has strictly to them selves. If you see any you would be interested in...just Join in the convo. and say which ones. Other wise add a few kinds of tea Favorites, that you as the buyer would want to buy..or perhaps a tea you have been searching for, but have yet to find. Thank you-
Superior Gunpowder
Jasmine with flowers
Imperial Dragonwell Lung Ching
Jasmine Bai Mu Dan (aka jasmine wheels)
Jasmine balls ( not small pearls but real balls that unfold into a spiky yet delicate flower in a sence.
Jasmine Dragon Tears ( more of a dragon pearl)
Chun Mee Special Grade 1
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose
Pheonix #1 Iron Goddess Oolong
Golden Pu-erh ( Aged 10 years...loose)
Pu-erh Beeng Cha ( a 2 year old aged tea cake)

Alright guys....keep the feedback coming. And thanks =], When the Co. gets off and running over the net, we perhaps can give discounts to a few that took part of our , getting started in the Tea World!

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Postby teachat » Jun 8th, '05, 15:35

Sounds like many from the Metro tea co. I love the Kyoto cherry rose as do my customers. Yummy!!

Lori Massey
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Postby teachat » Jun 8th, '05, 15:35

You are indeed fermiliar with metro- =] indeed that is the buisnes si am going through. Any tips on whats your buyers perhaps help me get started. Thanks for the tip on the kyoto is indeed a great scented and tasting tea.
Keep them coming

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Postby teachat » Jun 8th, '05, 15:35


Im trying to develop a bottled tea (from black tea) with different flavors (natural flavor). However,i observed that there are lots of precipitates that formed in the bottom of the bottle. Can someone tell me how to make the tea clear. Thanks a lot.

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Wholesale tea

Postby Alchemy » Jun 26th, '05, 14:33

Master S-T,
The Kyoto Rose was a dead give away for Metro Tea. While their tea is descent, it is also quite generic. Meaning, nothing special and loads of tea shops/rooms use Metro also.

Not to be nepotistic, but all of our teas blow away anything on the Metro menu. Though, I will warn you that our teas are more expensive, since we only use organic and biodynamic teas, imported directly from plantations/farms/garden plots around the world. Our customers seem to have no problem paying more for great organic tea. We have never had a "too expensive" comment from a retail consumer. Check out our website to see our retail price points. We have found that our customers appreciate and immediately taste the difference. It's like selling crack or something, one taste and they're hooked. Differentiate yourself from the pack, and the public will respond. Feel free to contact me for info on our wholesale program.

Best regards,
Mike Carter
Alchemy Tea & Trading Co.

Postby Guest » Jul 8th, '05, 00:26

If Metro Tea is so popular, though, there must be some value to it. Maybe it's not the rare organic tea that the discerning tea drinker prefers, but people apparently like it. Hot dog stands stay in business in cities full of finer foods, after all.

That being said, there is also merit to what Mr. Carter says about Organics. If you offer a better quality product, customer will feel like they're really getting something special.

Ultimately, it's got to depend on what works best for you and your business.

Favorite Metro Teas

Postby Ampleitems » Jul 23rd, '05, 21:17

I have been selling a variety of teas for about three years to include Metro teas. Three of my best sellers are Japanese Sencha, Orange Spice and Berry Berry. I have many repeat orders for all three of these teas.

Hope this helps you in your business.

Ample Items Tea

tea supply

Postby viettea » Aug 12th, '05, 10:00

Are you interested in trying new tea? Are you interested in getting tea at a lower price?
VietNam produce a lot of teas (sencha green tea, white
tea, black tea, green tea, others) with highest
quality and selling at a very affordable prices. Are
you interested in carrying teas import from VietNam?

Hien Nguyen

Postby Lurline » Aug 27th, '05, 20:17


Jasmine with Flowers is very good. I have customers who kept on buying the same product. It is an excellent iced too.

I hope these helps.

Lurline :)

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