We need moderators.

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We need moderators.

Postby Warden Andy » Mar 3rd, '06, 19:14

I think it's very obvious why.
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Warden Andy
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Postby TeaFanatic » Mar 3rd, '06, 19:45

I agree, I already offered to Ilya that I would be willing to be an operator. This spam is getting way of out hand.
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Postby ilya » Mar 3rd, '06, 20:08

I have imposed some limits on who is allowed to post to TeaChat. Hopefully this will fix the spam problem. If anyone experiences any problems posting or registering, please let me know.
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Postby jogrebe » Mar 3rd, '06, 20:28

Thanks ilya, hopefully this will turn the tide against the spammers.
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Postby vbguy772 » Mar 3rd, '06, 20:59

Yes, thanks ilya. The spammers were horrible toniight.
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Postby peachaddict » Mar 3rd, '06, 22:26

Thanks, man!! Maybe we won't see any more of those odd spam things that arise now and then! 8) :D :D
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