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Postby Snow on Cedar » Dec 28th, '05, 01:24

Please, please consider carrying Matcha...for those who don't know, this beautiful jade green powdered tea is the tea used in Formal Japanese Tea Ceremony. It's flavor is distinct, and nothing quite compares. I've found it at but I'd like to shop exclusively at Adagio.

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Postby TeaFanatic » Jan 18th, '06, 22:48

I second that. I really want to try this tea!!!

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please please please

Postby teafreak » Jan 21st, '06, 15:02

i know matcha is hard to keep, so maybe at least ry carrying koicha. please :)



Postby Kestrel » Jan 31st, '06, 22:07

I am all for Adagio carrying Matcha. I first found out about this tea during a lecture by one of my former college professors (a Chemistry professor) who was doing a study on the varying chemicals and their levels in teas. Chemicals like EGCG and caffeine, just to give two examples. Matcha proved to have the highest concentration of proven beneficial chemicals, in all likelihood due to the fact that rather than having an infusion, you are drinking the actual powdered tea leaves.

As a side note, it also proved to be highest in caffeine - and his entire student research team abandoned their morning coffee in favor of Matcha.

Please Adagio, start carrying Matcha! :D


Postby sippy cup » Feb 6th, '06, 21:05

i would LOVE to be able to get matcha or koicha from adagio. i really enjoy matcha, but at least so far, for me, it's been very hard to find a reliable source of decent stuff. any suggestions in the meantime?

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Postby Snow on Cedar » Feb 14th, '06, 22:21

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Ordering Matcha

Postby manslayerliz » Mar 10th, '06, 23:20

You can get a variety of good (and cheap!) matchas at: Ever since I moved back from Japan I've been ordering a steady supply from there---just can't live without my matcha! They also carry the elusive "hyakunencha" herb tea which is incredibly delicious.

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