Tea Wishlist Winner

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Tea Wishlist Winner

Postby ilya » Jan 9th, '06, 15:41

Sorry for posting this so a bit late. The holidays were hectic and we didn't get a chance to do the drawing until now. The winner of the 2005 Teawish drawing is.... Corinne Midgett of Sylva NC. You can view her winning wishlist at http://www.teawish.com/corinnem/.

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Postby Corinne » Jan 11th, '06, 16:47

Thanks so much!! :D I'm away at school, but my sister just called to give me the good news. I can't wait to try out the teapot and cup and all those new teas when I go home this weekend!



Postby TeaFanatic » Jan 27th, '06, 00:43

This wish list sounds like a pretty cool idea, to bad I found out about adagio just after the holidays :(

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Postby chris » Jan 27th, '06, 09:53

There's always next year!

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Postby Molly » Mar 15th, '06, 10:49

Any chance of the wishlist becoming a permanent feature? It would be great so people could create a wish list for their birthdays or anniversaries to send to friends and families.

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Postby marz910 » Mar 15th, '06, 18:23

If you check a pervious post I made called Wish List, you'll see that it all depends on how popular it is and if enough people want it to make it year round. Ilya will let us now when it's back up.

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