Source for good darjeeling in the US?

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Source for good darjeeling in the US?

Postby dryblower2 » Mar 18th, '06, 11:20

Can anyone suggest a US source for a good loose darjeeling? We usually buy Whittards or the like in the UK, but we are running out and need some!

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Postby Warden Andy » Mar 18th, '06, 11:58

I have't tried it, but the Darjeeling from Adagio looks good. Adagio also seems to be a trustworthy site to order Darjeeling from, and actually get real Darjeeling tea.

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Postby daughteroftheKing » Mar 18th, '06, 18:48 has some delicious Darjeeling. Their Darjeeling 22 is one of my most favorite teas. It's a smooth 2nd flush. Definitely good for 3-4 steepings.

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