Starting a tea-bar in MA.

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Starting a tea-bar in MA.

Postby rabbit » Feb 14th, '06, 22:38

I'm planning on starting a tea-bar in MA. right across from Mt. Holyoke College (a famous womens college), I think the location couldn't get any better being as the town is a very health concious one that wont even allow and fast-food chains to start in it or anything like that. I have all the funding I need, but I've never run a business before, and am not sure exactly where I should start. I've read up on most of the links posted on this forum, but I was wondering if any teahouse/bar owners on here could give me any advice, and tips as to what I should do first as to go about starting the place? Any help would be much appreciated!

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Postby MarshalN » Mar 19th, '06, 23:12

I am not a teabar owner or anything like that, but as a frequent visitor (I am in Cambridge, MA, where there are more than one teashop) I have to say the most important thing, aside from the tea itself, is consistency and how to make that take-out cup. There's one place here, called Dado tea, that serves ok tea, but they always give you too little tea leaves for what it's worth (while charging something like $3 a cup). I don't go simply because they aren't giving me value for my money. They should either make the cups smaller, or give out more tea.

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Postby Madam Potts » Apr 19th, '06, 15:16

I have had this bookmarked for the longest time...basically, if I had a partner I would consider owning a tea bar.... :wink:

This should just about cover it...

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Postby rabbit » Apr 20th, '06, 09:33

Thanks Nicole, I already had that site bookmarked, it's very helpful!

OK, well for now I've decided that I'm just going to open an online business and in the future I'll look into an actually storefront business... I just don't think I'm ready for that kind of responsibility yet (I'm only 19!), but here is my question to you...

I myself believe that I am intelligent and open minded enough to run my own business, but being as I have little to no business experience I'd like to ask you WHAT exactly is the next step?... I'm going to list some things, and I'd like you to put them in the order you think they should be done, and don't be afraid to add things or take them away from the list.

Buy Web Space
Buy Domain Name
Register Business Name
Start Business Bank Account
Register For Business Account On Paypal
Stock up on Teas and Equipment

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Postby TEA4U » Apr 21st, '06, 16:15

I congratulate you for wanting to start your own business especially being so young. However, the very first step you should take is to write a business plan. Your business will never make it without a plan. You can visit to learn more about writing a plan. It's not fun and can be a very daunting task but nonetheless a task you must have completed. Also, I'd recommend taking some business courses. Good luck!

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Postby rabbit » Apr 21st, '06, 21:10

thank you... I HAD a business plan for my tea-bar, but alas! I am holding of on that, but I'm also reading some books on starting and running your own business. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

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Postby stevebarnum » Jul 26th, '07, 17:21

I'd like to start a business myself, while I am still in University. I've heard that there are major tax cuts and advantages for students. I've heard of some advantageous of SPAM. I was thinking about a Internet Cafe somewhere around the campus... What do I have to do first?

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