jenaer glass tea pots

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Postby chris » Nov 8th, '05, 09:30

Thanks for the post.

As you may have already heard, Jenaer Glas has stopped production of all products and closed their doors forever. Unfortunately, this means that almost no one can sell replacement parts for any of these products, just the sets as a whole.

Your best bet would be eBay or the likes.

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Replacement infuser

Postby thomasok » Nov 28th, '05, 18:32

There is a replacement infuser for the museum teapot listed at Special Teas. There are actually two versions of the Museum teapot. The infuser they have will fit the newer ones with the larger opening. If you have one of the originals with the smaller openings the infuser may work but will not fit all the way down in the pot or accept the lid. Good luck.


Swiss gold glass

Postby lakewaves222 » Jan 31st, '06, 05:03

Anyone heard of or tried the Swiss Gold glass pot with the gold infuser... I personally like it much better than the Jenaer... pours better and the infuser is exceptional.


Postby PeteVu » Jan 31st, '06, 16:39

Im using a bodum glass pot. works great, and feels "sturdy"

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Postby simonli625 » Mar 21st, '06, 16:15

Anyone know that the infuser selling at special teas website can fit into a 1.2 L Mikado Teapot?

Here is the description from the webiste:

replacement Infuser for Jenaer Classic & Senso Pot


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