Yerba Mate Teas?

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Postby Sydney » Nov 24th, '08, 07:43

I'll be stunned if Adagio starts carrying yerba mate, but I'd be happy about it and try every one they carried (unless they went a little nuts somehow).

North America needs a few more reputable vendors of the stuff that can afford to stay in business.

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Postby O Jones » Jan 3rd, '09, 20:49

I havent tried Teavana's Mate, but have had good luck with Zoomdweebies different Mates, again, as long as these small reputable dealers stay in business! I will keep ordering online as long as they are around!

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Postby omegapd » Jan 4th, '09, 04:16

These guys are my favorite Mate store when the need arises.

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Postby silvermage2000 » Jan 22nd, '09, 12:41

I haven't tried yerba mate but I't would be interesting if they would.

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Postby Susana » Feb 12th, '09, 17:00

Shh...don't tell Camellia but my first Rishi Tea experience was Lemongrass Mate. :oops: That was when I fell in love.

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Postby quomaya2 » May 3rd, '09, 18:38

They definitely should start selling yerba; some blends of yerba and other herbals would be great.

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Re: Yerba Mate Teas?

Postby JPX » Jul 26th, '09, 00:05

i know i talk alot about camellia sinensis...but ya.. i got most of my teas and experience from there. They have 500g of yerba mate for 10$, i got THIS close to buying it yesterday but i figured what if i dont like it...thats 1lbs... I have to try it out! I feel, tho, it would be awesome to mix it in some signature blend.

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Re: Yerba Mate Teas?

Postby dkadagio » Aug 24th, '09, 12:18

Yerba mate would be a great addition to Adagio's tea family

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Re: Yerba Mate Teas?

Postby judyw » Oct 13th, '09, 09:09

Oh, yes, I would love some Mate tea here. I got something recently for my birthday from Teavana. I never shop there as they are too expensive and try hard to up sale. The tea is a blend of two that they sell, it is Samurai Chai Mate and White Avurvedic Chai in a 50/50 mix. I love the stuff and would be thrilled if Adagio had a version that I could try.

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