Green AnTEAdote

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Green AnTEAdote

Postby TeaFanatic » Apr 2nd, '06, 22:13

I recently purchased a green anTEAdote and it was great, but I was wondering what type of tea adagio used to make it? Anyone know?

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Postby Carnelian » Apr 2nd, '06, 22:25

Before they revamped the description page and added white and jasmine I remember seeing that they used dragonwell

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Postby marz910 » Apr 2nd, '06, 22:35

It would be nice if they said what type of tea was used in the anTEAdotes.

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Postby Scotia » Apr 18th, '06, 19:39

There used to be a page up about a week or so ago that had listed what teas were used in each Anteadote, but I can't seem to get to it now.

Ah, it was the promo page at which has now expired.

Adagio folks, can you please add this info to the actual Anteadote page? It's nice to know what kind of tea is use to make these. Thanks!

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Postby Richard » Apr 19th, '06, 09:40


I agree--a lot of people do ask what kinds of tea are in the anTEAdote; I'll see if we can edit the copy to say. I'm all in the interest of giving myself less work! For the record, green is indeed dragonwell. White is white peony/pai mu tan.

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Postby Scotia » Apr 21st, '06, 18:11

Wow, that was fast! It's up on the Anteadote page already. Thanks!!

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