Any Youngen's out there?

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Any Youngen's out there?

Postby divinemercy » Apr 1st, '06, 17:33

Hello everyone! I was just wondering if there were any young members on this forum? I myself am just getting into the world of tea, and i am only 17. Any fellow young men or young women?


P.S. Im sure most of you are young at heart, lol, but i was just wondering how far tea has infiltrated the new generations... i think that it is too often associated with older persons. in reality, it is really quite hip!

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Postby jogrebe » Apr 1st, '06, 18:07

I'm 25 but I was around your age ( 18 ) when I started drinking tea my freshman year of college at first mainly because it was cheaper to have around the dorm room than soda.

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Postby Warden Andy » Apr 1st, '06, 20:24

I'm also 17.

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Postby TeaFanatic » Apr 2nd, '06, 15:46

I am 18, but I just turned 18 on the 30th of March. I got into adagio and loose leaf when I was 17. You're in good company here.

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Postby kodama » Apr 2nd, '06, 16:02

Not bad numbers! 18.

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Postby peachaddict » Apr 2nd, '06, 21:30

I'm 18 and turn 19 on 31 July. It's good to know there are other people here who are teenagers! Groovy! 8)

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Postby rabbit » Apr 2nd, '06, 22:03

I'm 18 (turn 19 June 1st), I got into bagged teas when I was about 15, and moved on to whole leaf teas about a year ago :) I'm making it my mission to spread my love of tea to all of my young friends tho (most of them between the ages of 14 and 20), they don't drink nearly as much tea as I do, usualy they only have tea when they come over my house, but they all love it :D

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Postby EvenOdd » Apr 2nd, '06, 22:26

I'm 21 and started drinking tea a few months back, skipping teabags and going straight for the good stuff.

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Postby marz910 » Apr 2nd, '06, 22:42

I'll be turning 30 this year and as far as I can remeber I've always drank tea. Bagged that is, until my older brother found Adagio last fall and now we're hooked on the good stuff. :P

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Postby daughteroftheKing » Apr 3rd, '06, 00:43

I'm really excited that so many of you have already started discovering the wonders of tea! In college & seminary, I was the only one of my friends whose all-nighters were sustained by multiple pots of this great stuff. Even now (MANY years later), I'm still the most tea-obsessed person I know, and as my friends' doctors are telling them to lay off the coffee, I'm grateful for my lifetime "obsession".

While I'm pretty new to TeaChat and only discovered Adagio about a year ago, I'm glad we can all be part of such a community.

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Postby teaspoon » Apr 3rd, '06, 02:29

I'm 22, and freshman year of college I got frustrated with having to use the microwave to heat water for tea so when my parents came down to visit I made them take me to get a small water heater. It's gotten me to the end of many a desperate tea-withdrawn hour.

I recently tried to figure out just when I started drinking tea; I realized that it was when my family went to London for vacation when I was 8 years old. Since then, I've been willing to drink tea in any form. :D

~le spoon

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Postby Molly » Apr 3rd, '06, 17:11

Just turned 29 this past month myself. Never drank coffee a single day in my life so I've always been drinking tea (or so it seems). Lived off it mostly in college and after having discovered Adagio and its superior flavor to any other tea I've had, I'm never without it. :-)

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Postby Carnelian » Apr 3rd, '06, 17:26

I'm probably close to as young as the tea obsessed get, almost 16. I found adagio through the IngenuiTea's feature on HGTV. And I've been hooked since my starter set came through the door

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Postby robert_anderson » Apr 3rd, '06, 18:30

19 here.

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Postby EvenOdd » Apr 4th, '06, 02:38

Yeah, I found the site via the diggnation videocast.

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