Spring Darjeeling

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Spring Darjeeling

Postby Richard » Mar 31st, '06, 17:55

Allright, you wacky tea lovers. I have an important announcement: Spring Darjeeling tea is now available! Here's a link to it:


Spring darjeeling is a very flavorful tea that goes very well with the nice weather that I, and some of you, have been experiencing, so I'd better see all of you placing an order for it. I promise you that you will enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying the fact that I don't have to wear a coat outside any more.
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Postby Molly » Mar 31st, '06, 22:46

I can't drink black tea. Any new spring herbals you care to announce? The return of spicy lemon, perhaps??
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Postby TeaFanatic » Apr 2nd, '06, 15:10

Yay, I can't wait to throw in a sampler of this tea, sounds great Richard!
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Postby Carnelian » Apr 2nd, '06, 15:20

Sounds delicious, but I'm a cheapskate. So I'll wait for a few reviews to come in. Hopefully there's enouch in stock so I won't regret waiting
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Postby MarshalN » Apr 4th, '06, 17:46

The picture looks nice, rather early for a spring pick.
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