RoT Blackberry Sage Upgrade

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

RoT Blackberry Sage Upgrade

Postby reiger » Apr 8th, '06, 03:24

Hey Folks,

Just getting into better teas, and was looking for an upgraded version of the Republic of Teas blackberry sage. The only problem I had with RoT was that it was pretty astrigent when brewed strong enough.

I value any suggestions, thank you.

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Postby Kestrel » Apr 8th, '06, 06:18

I'd try Adagio's Blueberry flavored tea or a combination of a black tea (Adagio's Ceylon Sonata, probably) with Adagio's Berry Blues herbal tea.

I've heard a lot of very good things about mixing black tea with Adagio's Berry Blues.
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Postby jogrebe » Apr 8th, '06, 07:29

Get sample tins of all of the berry teas that adagio offers and buy some loose sage (can be found in health food stores) and experiment with mixing them.
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Postby klemptor » Apr 8th, '06, 13:21

I love Blackberry Sage. But for something similar, you might try Betjeman and Barton's Trois Fruits Noirs. It doesn't have sage in it, though, but you can easily add some of your own.
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Postby reiger » Apr 8th, '06, 17:01

Thank you for the sugggestions, think I am going to try a mix of adagio berry and black.

Have a good weekend.
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