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Postby trent » Jan 28th, '09, 03:00

Has anyone ordered from them? If they're legitimate, I definitely will.

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Postby wyardley » Jan 28th, '09, 03:02

It's Nada and Aaron Fisher.

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Postby teaguy » Jan 28th, '09, 10:34

I've dealt with them on some lower-end stuff (what my budget can afford). Most of their stuff won't be cheap, but is worth the price. They are for real, and I've found them to be trustworthy and helpful in figuring out what I really need.

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Postby trallis » Jan 28th, '09, 16:13

thanks for showing me this site. this is why i come here

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Postby brandon » Jan 28th, '09, 18:11

They are definitely legitimate, as well as very knowledgeable and connected to artists in Taiwan and China. You can find plenty of writings from Aaron in Art of Tea, or his own online magazine

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Postby chimeric220 » Feb 13th, '09, 11:41

I love chinese teaware

In the past,I ordered several times on the net to people who disappointed me

Either,the stuff was different from the pics on internet,either the stuff was a fake or
a bad replica,but it was not told,either it was an average quality paid the most price
either it was the good one but with astronomical price
So I was always disappointed

I met Nada and Aaron Fisher when surfing on the net:"par hasard"
and I was interested in their site: A life of tea
With these two nice and honest guys driving this site,I was not sceptical at all and I got very soon the feeling it was the good address
The Address,the one to keep for a psycho maniac of teaware like me
As they say in their web site home,all is very clear,they find for you what you want,they bargain for you
and take a very honest margin for the transaction

I have purchased several times with them and never I was disappointed
I had the chance to get some very nice stuff to go in France with a regular price
An authentic stuff which I couln't find in France without spending a lot of euro

If I would rate their site and their communication,I 'll give a 4,5 on a 5 scale,not 5,because the pics they send are often bad quality
But it's only the pics,when you unwrap the arrived parcel,you see the quality of what they choose for you
and don't regreat it

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