Raspberry Leaf Tea

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Raspberry Leaf Tea

Postby PlantFan » Sep 21st, '06, 15:15

Have any of the ladies out there had any experience with raspberry leaf tea? I'm thinking of trying it but wanted some feedback from those that have.

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Postby rabbit » Sep 21st, '06, 17:32

I've had raspberry leaf cylon, it's mixed, but very delightful if you ask me! Than again I really really love raspberries!!!

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Postby PlantFan » Sep 22nd, '06, 09:42

Thanks, Rabbit. So now I know it will probably at least taste good. I was also wondering if anyone has had any experience with the efficacy of its claims on female functions.

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Postby rabbit » Sep 22nd, '06, 11:21

lol... ya I don't think I'll be answering that one :lol:

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Postby teamuse » Sep 22nd, '06, 19:29

I've used it before...it seemed to help lesson discomfort during "that time of the month" over time.

It was also a large component of my Pregnancy Tea... I think it helped, if nothing else it was a comfort to sit down with a cup when I was not feeling up to snuff.

It was also a large component of an herbal suppliment recommended by the midwives, which I couldn't take due to sensitivity to another of the ingredients.

However, it seems to be wildly popular for toning the female reproductive system.

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Postby PlantFan » Sep 25th, '06, 09:21

Thanks. That's what I keep reading. And I haven't come across any negative testimonials. I think I'll give it a try.
Thanks! :)

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Postby Proinsias » Sep 25th, '06, 20:11

My wife wasn't too keen on the taste of the rasberry leaf tea bags she purchased but swore that they helped to speed up the latter stages of pregnancy - to the point where she could physically feel the tea inducing and strengthening braxton hicks contractions.

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Postby teaspoon » Sep 27th, '06, 12:01

It helps me a bit too, but I still take ibuprofen (sp?) along with it because it doesn't help quite enough to be used on its own. But that's just me. I've got it in a blend with chamomile, ginger, and peppermint, the latter two of which help settle your stomach. Certainly doesn't hurt.


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Postby Madam Potts » Sep 28th, '06, 14:08

Raspberry Leaf is a very helpful herbal. You'll want to buy the straight herbal leaves not a black tea blend.

The reason raspberry leaf is a component in pregnancy blends is that it tones the reproductive system and relieves lower abdominal discomfort. I find when mixed with peppermint and anise seed it is especially good (as both work to ease bloating and cramps and overall sluggishness)

I use it regularly and I also use it in pregnancy support blends...

Madam Potts

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Nettle Leaf Tea

Postby ven » Dec 22nd, '08, 05:46

A perennial with separate male and female plants, Nettle (Urtica dioica) grows up to 4 feet tall and has toothed, pointed leaves that sting when touched. This sting causes a burning sensation. This because each hair consists of a sharp, hollow spine that breaks off easily, allowing the liquid inside, formic acid, to be released into the object causing the injury. In spite of its stinging, Nettles are of considerable use in many ways, including culinary; they contain vitamins A and C, iron, and a variety of other minerals. The young shoots can also be boiled as a vegetable. Nettle fibers can be spun into rope and made into cloth. Cosmetically, Nettle is a good cleanser, especially for oily skin. As a tea, Nettle may be taken hot or cold and many prefer it sweetened and flavored with lemon.


Nettle Leaf Tea

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Postby ericnicolaas » Jan 28th, '09, 06:02

Okay, I'm a guy so can't speak from experience :? , but my wife's pregnant and she plans on drinking it in the latter stages of her pregnancy. Because raspberry leaf can actually kickstart labour, it's not a good idea to drink it before the 34-35 week mark.

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Postby RockingtheRepublic » Feb 6th, '09, 00:34

Raseberry leaf tea is also used for alleviating nausea, which is another reason why it is good for women during preganancy.

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Postby silvermage2000 » Feb 6th, '09, 14:17

Mabe you could consider serendipi tea's razzle dazzle em a raspberry tea. 1oz for $5.
It's a raspberry green tea.

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