Year of the Ox Tea 2009

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Year of the Ox Tea 2009

Postby johnoed » Feb 4th, '09, 10:27


I've taken the Snowbud White Tea known for its light, airy and clean aroma and mixed it with the tart taste of pomegranate and added a hint of candy apple to sweeten it all up.

Here is my story: Two days before the Chinese New Year (Year of the Ox 2009) my partner and I went down to Chinatown in New York City to eat Dim Sum and purchase Chinese confetti cannons for our niece and nephew. The Dim Sum was terribly salty (though delicious) and I found myself needing a mouth watering drink. We were in a Vietnamese sandwich shop getting food for the nights dinner and I noticed an iced tea drink made of pomegranate and white tea. I am a fanatic pomegranate lover so I found the taste absolutely delicious. This is my attempt to recreate that blend. The purchased iced tea also included acai so I've substituted that with a hint of candy apple to balance the tartness of the pomegranate. May your year be bright and blessed and may the Ox bring you much fortune.

I even created a video reviewing my first time trying this new blend. Check out:

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Postby silvermage2000 » Feb 4th, '09, 11:50

Now I like white tea. But I have only had pom. a few times and I am not sure if I like I't or not. But with the candy apple in the mix that might make I't taste unique and fun. So mabe It's worth a try.

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Year of the Ox Review in Podcast

Postby johnoed » Feb 9th, '09, 23:28

I am so excited that Adagio selected my blend to review in this weeks podcast. Overall it was a good recommendation. Though I have to clarify that I used Candy Apple not Green Apple. Zack kept saying Green Apple...believe me the tartness is from the Pomegranate. The Candy Apple was supposed to help smooth it out. Either way I am honored that Adagio would choose my blend to review and just in time for Zack new hair cut...much better my man. Thank again to Awesome Team Adagio!!

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Postby zack » Feb 11th, '09, 10:31


I thought it was green :/


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