What about Lavender?

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What about Lavender?

Postby Jasmin » Feb 25th, '09, 07:37

I wish I could find lavender in the herbal section. Octavia has this great chamomille tea that has a hint of lavender and I think even less spearmint in it. It is the perfect tea for the kids at night or for myself when I don't feel well or can't sleep. I wish I could try to recreate this tea with adagio.

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Postby ASUnurse26 » Feb 25th, '09, 12:52

I'd love to see lavender at Adagio too! And I tried this green tea with rose petals in it at a local health nut store (www.sprouts.com) and LOVED it. I'd love to see tea with rose petals--the taste was INCREDIBLE.

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Postby coleyboley » Feb 25th, '09, 14:22

Well, it isn't Adagio, and it doesn't come in loose leaf, but you should try Revolution Tea's Earl Grey Lavender. It is my favorite Earl Grey of all time!

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Postby silvermage2000 » Feb 25th, '09, 16:06

Lavender Is interesting in a tea as long,as Its not too over powering.

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Postby acdidion » Feb 27th, '09, 16:57

I love lavender in my tea!

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Postby kiwibird » Mar 20th, '09, 15:01

I would love to see Lavender and Rose petal teas too! Please!

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Postby Intuit » Apr 8th, '09, 14:24

Lavender supply source: San Francisco Herb Co.


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Postby woozl » Apr 8th, '09, 15:09

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Postby Janine » Apr 8th, '09, 15:34

I drink this one a lot


I also blend it with other herbals at bedtime for sleep.

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Postby irish13 » Apr 13th, '09, 14:36

coleyboley wrote:Well, it isn't Adagio, and it doesn't come in loose leaf, but you should try Revolution Tea's Earl Grey Lavender. It is my favorite Earl Grey of all time!
Rishi is also good

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Re: What about Lavender?

Postby michaelb3600 » Sep 19th, '09, 22:29

We travel to Lavender Fest near Gettysburg PA to get dried Lavender to make syrup, tea and more. They are an organic farm specializing in Lavender and other herbs.


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Re: What about Lavender?

Postby JillDragon » Sep 20th, '09, 02:06

Honestly I find that growing my own lavender and then adding it to whatever is cheaper and easier. It tastes about the same (if not better) too usually, and at least this way I can be sure of the quality. The same goes for peppermint tea as well.

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Re: What about Lavender?

Postby marlena » Sep 20th, '09, 11:15

Dear Kiwi Bird. It's not Adagio, but Simpson and Vail makes a Rose-kissed Jasmine that is superb, likewise a Lavender Earl Grey.

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Re: What about Lavender?

Postby RachelC » Oct 5th, '09, 10:22

I agree I too would love to see a lavender tea. Teavana has a tea called Lavender Dreams that incorporates candied lavender. It is a great before bed tea but even so I would love to see just lavender even if it were only available to blend with.

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Re: What about Lavender?

Postby EleanorJustice » Mar 15th, '10, 12:14

I realize this is an old post, but I had to chime in and say Yes, please! Both lavender and rose petals (and rose hips, for that matter) would be *very* welcome additions!

It would be lovely to see more single-ingredient options in the herbal section in general; lemon balm, fennel, holy basil/tulsi, dandelion root, ooh, and stevia! It would be *awesome* to be able to add actual bits of stevia to blends!

Anyhoo, thanks for listening!

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