Nettle "tea" blends

Healthy herbs, rooibos, honeybush, decaf tea, and yerba mate.

Postby Ubancha » Feb 27th, '09, 23:03

According to "Wildman" Steve Brill ( ), Nettle reportedly tastes very good with Catnip ... =12ndkfk4f. I've never tried it, but I read it in one of his books (which is really interesting, BTW).

Yeah, I love nettle but I've abstained from drinking it for a while because it's winter and the wild stuff hasn't come up yet. Ya'know, I'd prefer to get it local, and we've got a ton of slender nettle crowding a nearby pond. It's just so rich and green, though, isn't it? Like, much greener than green tea.

You can also use them like spinach leaves, but when I tried it it turned out horrible and I had to choke them down- they must have just been too mature, or something.
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Postby silvermage2000 » Mar 1st, '09, 21:37

That sounds interesting I have never heard much about nettle.
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